Airplane Party Ideas--Up, Up & Away To Fun!

Fun And Fabulous Airplane Party Ideas
To Help You Soar Your Party To Success

Airplanes are a source of fascination for many kids and if your soon to be one-year-old loves airplanes, why not plan a fun airplane birthday party for his or her first birthday.

Captain, you're cleared for take-off. Ladies and gentlemen, please buckle your seatbelts and get ready for some high-flyin' party planning fun!

An airplane themed party can certainly be an exciting choice, especially if you go all out with attractive airplane-related decorations, fun games and great theme food. To help you create a smashingly successful airplane party for your little tyke, here are some excellent ideas to help you plan a memorable party that you will look forward to sharing with your child when he or she is older. Just remember to take lots of pictures.

MAP INVITATIONS - Although you can purchase airplane themed invitations, you’ll find many great ideas for DIY invites as well. One fun idea is to make simple invitations and then send them out in envelopes that are made out of old paper maps. Simple invitations can be dressed up with some great airplane stickers too.

CLOUD INVITATIONS - Another fun invitation idea is to create cloud shaped invitations. You can use scrapbook paper that has a cloud print on it.

BOARDING PASS INVITATIONS - If you want to get really creative, create invitations that look like a realistic boarding pass, complete with all the details for the airplane party.

AIRPLANE INVITATION #1 - Write all your party details out on a piece of scrapbook paper that is printed with the airplane party theme. Then fold up the paper into the shape of a paper airplane and either pop it in the mail or hand-deliver.

AIRPLANE INVITATION #2 - Write out all of your party details on a piece of cloud-printed scrapbook paper and cut it out using a pair of decorative scissors. Laminate the cloud and hole-punch the upper left corner. Run a ribbon through the hole and tie it to a toy airplane, stuffed airplane, or an airplane-shaped bathtub squirter toy and hand-deliver to your invited crew.

If you’re not sure how to word your invitations for the airplane birthday party, here are a few good wording ideas for inspiration.

- Fly away with me!

- It’s (name’s) first birthday, so up, up and away.

- Take off to the party is at (date and time).

- Captain (first name) of (last name) airways is celebrating his/her first birthday.

To make things a little more fun you can invite everyone to come dressed in their airline best. Mom and dad can be pilots or flight attendants and all the guests can be the crew.

If you can find some aviator-type of glasses that will fit the little guys, that would sure make a cute picture. If not, airplane-printed t-shirts and a themed birthday cone hat will also fit the bill of a snapshot that makes for being a keeper.

Just have fun as you decorate for the party. You can go all out and turn your home into an airport or just opt for a few well-placed airplane-related decorations. To help get you started, here are a few 1st birthday party ideas to assist you in planning that all-important airplane theme party for your little one's first birthday.

  • Maps and airplane posters will instantly dress up walls in an inexpensive way and they make for great airplane themed décor. Use old maps and decorate them with stencil drawn airplanes.

  • Posters of fighter jets and other planes will also look great at your airplane party too.

  • You could cover the ceiling or walls with cloud patterned gossamer. It will give you the look of having a blue sky with fluffy white clouds.

  • Kids are sure to be fascinated if you hang foam or paper airplanes from the ceiling of the party area. It’s fun to hang up some clouds from your ceiling too. Easily make clouds by gluing cotton balls to cloud shaped paper. Simply hang with fishing line or string.

  • You could also create some clouds using bunches of white and very pale blue balloons and hang them on the ceiling.

  • Put together bunches of balloons that match your color scheme and tie the bunch to a little toy airplane for a cute decoration or centerpiece.

  • Fun signs can be created to enhance your airplane themed décor. Have signs for the “Flight Crew,” “Lavatory,” and even a “Baggage Claim sign.

  • You could also add a sign or two in the front yard. They could say something like "Child Name" airport, Loading Zone, No Stopping At Any Time, etc.

  • If you have any airplane toys around the house, use those to help decorate for the party as well.

  • Streamers are the perfect inexpensive way to instantly change an ordinary room into a festive party atmosphere. You can twist and hang two different colors back to back or opt to hang only one color at a time.

  • Attach streamers to the center of the ceiling and twist them out to the corners.

  • You can also twist streamers across the entire ceiling to really give little eyes something to look at.

A few games and activities can help keep your guests entertained during the airplane birthday party.

BUBBLES - With a few helpers at hand, little ones will be blowing bubbles in no time. In the alternative, have a few teens or older siblings blow the bubbles and let little ones chase them around.

COLORING - Airplane coloring pages and a few crayons make a great activity to keep kids entertained and happy.

PAPER AIRPLANES - With some help from the adults, kids can make their own paper airplanes and then enjoy flying them around the area.

AIRPLANE TOYS - Putting out a basket of airplane toys to be played with allows the kids to enjoy playing together as well.

PUPPET SHOW - Hire some teens who are a part of your high school drama department to put on a little puppet show for the kids.

THEME SANDWICHES - As you prepare the food for the airplane party, airplane cookie cutters can come in handy. Sandwiches can be cut out with these cutters to make cute airplane themed finger sandwiches.

AIRPLANE-SHAPED FOOD - The cookie cutters can also be used to cut out cookies, Rice Krispy squares, which is always a favorite with little ones, or other food items.

LUNCH BOX - Create an airline type of lunch and pack it up in a little airline box for each of your guests. Roll up sandwiches are easy and fun for the kids. Ham and cheese, turkey and cheese or opt to use cream cheese are all good choices. Peanut butter and jelly will certainly make little ones smile with delight.

DRINKS - Whatever you decide to serve, just be sure to create a little sign by the drinks or wrapped around the container that says jet fuel or in-flight fuel. Things like sparkling cider fruit juice, boxed juice are all great options.

For the perfect cake, there are many great ideas from which to select. Here are a few 1st birthday party ideas that will help you create high-flying success for your airplane themed party cake.

AIRPLANE-SHAPED CAKE - One option is to create an airplane shaped cake, decorated to look like a real plane. You can either use an airplane-shaped cake pan or just make a sheet cake and cut out the shape you want. Download an airplane template or get one out of a coloring book.

RUNWAY CAKE - Another idea is to decorate a big sheet cake like a runway, adding a toy airplane to the runway.

AIRPLANE & SKY CAKE - You may even want to decorate a sheet cake like a cloudy sky, adding in some toy airplanes in the sky.

AIRPLANE CUPCAKES - Cupcakes frosted with “cloud” icing make a great idea too. Then top each one off with a small airplane which each of the kids can take home as a favor.

Make sure to end the airplane birthday party with some great favors. Airplane shaped crayons make the perfect favor, especially when added to some airplane coloring sheets. Little toy airplanes or some toddler aviator sunglasses may also be given. Other ideas include airplane stickers, airplane shaped soaps or even some trail mix made to look like trail mix that is handed out on airplanes.

Your Ideas For An Airplane Party

If you have hosted an airplane party, you probably have some great ideas to help make it one that guests will remember for years to come.

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