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Before I get into the airplane theme games, if you still need some ideas for your Airplane Birthday Party invitations, or perhaps your decorations, that special cake or some yummy party food ideas, or maybe just an idea or two for your party favors, then click on the airplane party link and check out those options.

If you are looking for some game ideas that would be great options for an airplane theme party, then you have come to the right place. I have put together an assortment of games that are all geared toward the theme of airplanes that might be just what you need for your game time. All of the games in one way or another tie into airplanes, so if you have an airplane-lovin' crowd, these games are sure to please.


RUNWAY OBSTACLE COURSE - If you have an area that is about 50 feet x 12 feet for a "runway" this could be a fun game to play.

Pair up your guests. Blindfold one person (pilot) and place them at the starting line. Their partner (air traffic controller) will select a place to stand, near the runway, in order to direct their pilot which way they need to go. Once they decide upon a location, they won't be allowed to move.

Cover the runway with various soft, non-breakable toys, which will represent "air traffic." On "Go," the air traffic controller will instruct the pilot how to proceed to the finish line in order to avoid the "air traffic" by telling their partner, e.g., move to your left there is an "airplane" in front of you. If the pilot crashes into an "airplane," then that pair is out of the game. Keep track of the time that each team reaches the finish line. Whichever team doesn't crash into a "plane" and has the best time, shall be the winner.

FOLLOW THE PILOT THROUGH THE SKY – Instead of follow the leader, this game is all about following the pilot. Have an adult be the pilot for the game and come up with some airplane related ideas that the “Pilot” can do as the other “airplanes” follow him. For example, you could have the “Pilot raise his arms and act like he is flying through the air and the kids would have to follow him, doing everything he does.

Airplane Games

HULA HOOP AIRPLANE FLYING GAME – Have all the kids take a few minutes to fold their own paper airplanes out of pieces of paper. Before the party, hang up some hula hoops from the ceiling, ensuring that you have hoops of several different sizes hanging. Then, let kids take turns flying their paper airplanes, trying to make them soar through the hula hoops. Give them points for the airplanes that go through the hoops. Give more points if they get their airplanes through the smaller hula hoops. Another similar option is to put the hula hoops on the ground and have kids try to land their paper airplanes inside of the hoops. Both options are fun airplane games that will keep kids busy and entertained.

PASSPORT ACTIVITY – Another excellent activity to keep your little pilots busy is the exciting passport activity. For this activity you’ll need to have a polaroid camera on hand so you can take pictures of each little pilot as they arrive at the party. After their picture is taken, give them some thick cardstock shaped into a passport shape and have them attach their picture to the “passport.” Then, let them have fun decorating their passport by coloring passports or adding fun stickers to the passport. They can take the passports home with them when the party is over.

Airplane Games

MODEL AIRPLANE ASSEMBLY ACTIVITY – Before the party, head to a toy store or party store and purchase some cheap model airplane kits that have to be assembled. Ensure that you have an airplane kit for each of your guests. With some help from adults, let kids have fun opening their airplane and assembling it. Then, make sure they have some time to try flying their airplanes as well. You can also send these home with your guests as party favors. If you want to avoid any fighting over different planes, make sure that all of the planes that you choose are the same.

RESCUE THE PILOTS GAME – Kids will love this airplane game, since they’ll get to play the hero. You’ll want to purchase some mini pilot figures before the party and make sure you have a lot of them. Hide them all over the party area before all your little pilots arrive at the airplane theme party. Then, tell kids that the pilots had to parachute out of the plane and they need to be rescued. Have all your pilots “fly” around the party area searching for the downed pilots. See how many pilots they can find in 5 minutes. You can give a prize to the child that finds the most pilots or you can put prize numbers on the back of the pilot figures so every child has a chance to get a prize. Give out some fun airplane themed prizes to your pilot rescuers.

Airplane Games

PAPER AIRPLANE CONTEST - Have each of your guests make a paper airplane suitable for flying. Here's a great website to give you several options for Airplane Folding. Then have various flight contests with the paper airplanes. For example, highest or lowest, slowest or fastest, furthest, hit the target, most flips, best crash, etc.

BALANCING CUPS #1 - First you'll need to create your teams and give each team a tray and two cups. On "Go," the first kid from each team heads for the finish line while insuring their cups do not fall off the tray. when they reach the finish line, they must return to their teammates and handoff the tray to the next person in line and add one cup to the tray. Cups may not be inserted into another cup. They all must stand on their own. The play continues until they get through all of their teammates and use up all of their cups. Give each team 12 cups.

Airplane Games

BALANCING CUPS #2 - Divide your guests up into teams and give to each team a cup filled with water. On "Go," the first kid from each team heads for the finish line while insuring their water does not fall out of the cup. When they reach the finish line, they must return to their teammates and handoff the cup of water to the next person in line. The play continues until one team is able to get through their teammates AND has the most water remaining in their cup. If one team finishes before the other team, but has less water, they will lose.

PACK YOUR BAGS - Start out by separating everyone into teams and giving each of your teams a zippered bag and a pile of clothes. On "Go," the first kid from each team will pack their bag, zip it up, walk/run with their bag to the designated finish line, and then they will need to walk/run back to their team and unpack their bag. The next person in line will repeat the above. The game continues like this until team is able to get through their team first.

FLY AROUND THE WORLD - Place a large world map on a wall. Give everyone a small folded paper airplane. Call out the name of a country and each child will try to fly their plane into that country. Whoever hits the destination first wins.

PASS THE BLACK BOX - Create a black box by covering a shoe box with black paper. This game is played like Pass the Parcel. All the kids sit on the floor in a circle, As the music plays, they will pass the black box around the circle. As you stop the music, whoever is holding the black box wins a prize or is out, whichever way you prefer to play it.

Do You Happen To Have Some Airplane Game Ideas?

I'd really love it if you would tell us all about any of those great games you have played that have an airplane theme.

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