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Fun Airplane Birthday Party Game - Get Ready To Get Wet!

Fun Airplane Birthday Party Game - Get Ready To Get Wet!

This game is good for the summer months and requires a dozen water balloons for each child playing. Start off by marking a 50-foot long running area. Have the kids line up in a single file line at one end of this area and place one child halfway down the running area opposite of where the children line up and have that child step about five feet away from the center of the running space with a dozen water balloons.

Then have each child (one at a time) run as fast as they can past the child placed in the middle with the water balloons to the other end of the running area and have the child in the middle try and hit each kid with a water balloon as they run by.

The child who is the least wet at the end of the first dozen water balloons is the next to be in the middle and throw the water balloons. When every child has had a chance to thrown balloons, the child that is the least wet shall win the game.

Reply: Great Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

Not only does this game go along with the airplane birthday party theme, but it’s a fun way for kids to stay cool if you are throwing the party during the summer months. Add this to your list of great airplane games if you are having a summer party.

Of course, if you plan airplane games that have kids getting wet, it’s a good idea to notify parents. This way you can have kids bring an extra set of clothes or some swimming garments to wear during the wet games. Be sure to have plenty of towels on hand or have moms send along some extra beach towels so everyone can dry off before bringing all that water back into your home. Have fun with the game, but make sure you do it the smart way so you don’t spend hours cleaning up all the water and mud after the airplane birthday party is over.

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