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If you're throwing an Airplane Theme Party for your little pilot, click on over to this page to grab some ideas for all your party particulars (invites, decor, food, etc.) that will help you create high-flyin' fun. However, if you are in need of some games and activities to help keep everyone busy and having a great time, then keep your scrollin' goin'.

To insure all of your little co-pilots are flying high with fun and laughter, I've put together some airplane theme games for you to consider as entertainment options. Perhaps you will find a few game ideas that will assist you in creating that fun-filled party that will become a wonderful memory that your child will remember for years to come.


BLACK BOX PRIZE PASSING GAME – This game is exciting because it gives all of your young guests a chance to get a prize. Before the party, you will need to take a cardboard box and spray paint it black, or you can simply use black paper to cover the box. Fill the box with a bunch of small prizes for this game. Have guests sit in a circle on the floor and tell them that the plane has lost its black box. Then, start some fun kid’s music and have guests pass the black box around the circle. Whenever the music suddenly stops, the person who has the black box can choose one of the prizes out of the box. Keep playing the game until everyone gets to choose a prize out of the black box.

SUITCASE PACKING RELAY RACE – This is a fun airplane game that is simple enough for toddlers. You will need two very small child-size suitcases and a few items of toddler size clothing. Then, make a starting line and a finish line. Divide your “pilots” into two teams and have them line up at the starting line. Place the clothes in a pile and put the suitcase next to them, giving each team a suitcase and a pile of clothes. When you start the game, the first “pilot” has to place the clothes in the suitcase, close it and then go as fast as they can to the finish line and back. When they get back to their team, they have to dump the clothes out of the suitcase. Then, the next team member will have to pack the suitcase again and repeat the same process. The team that goes through all their pilots first wins this exciting relay race.

Airplane Game ideas

HUNT FOR THE LOST CARGO – Kids always enjoy going on treasure hunts and this one will keep them entertained for a while. Hide silver chocolate coins, gold chocolate coins and other candies or small prizes all over the party area before guests show up to the airplane party. Once you’re ready to play the game, tell your young pilots that a cargo plane was carrying a lot of the country’s treasure, but the plane had problems and crashed, which spread the treasure all over the area. Tell guests that they have to go “flying” around the area to try to find all the missing treasure. Have them bring the treasure to the “President” (an adult). Then, after all the treasure is found, divide up the treasure among all the pilots who went out searching for the treasure.

PAPER AIRPLANE DECORATING AND CONTEST – If you’re looking for a fun airplane game to add some excitement to your airplane birthday party, this activity and game is sure to be tons of fun for all your young guests. Set up a table with pre-made paper airplanes that you have made before the party (pre-made planes work best because your young guest may have a tough time making the paper airplanes themselves). Put out stickers, colored pencils, crayons and other items kids can use to decorate their airplanes. Give them about 10 minutes to decorate their airplanes. Then, have some airplane contests. Contest ideas include contests to see whose plane flies the longest, does the most flips, flies the highest, comes closest to a specific target, etc. Have a lot of contest categories so you can award a lot of small prizes to your guests.

Airplane Game ideas

AROUND THE WORLD TRAVELING GAME – For this game, you’ll need to create stations for different countries before your guests arrive. Choose 3-5 different countries to use and then make a station for every country. Decorate the stations using colors of the country. To play the games, guests will “fly” from station to station and enjoy a different game or craft at every station. For example, if one station is Mexico, you could put on some music and have everyone try doing a Mexican Hat Dance. If a station is Italy, you could have kids try out mini pizzas before they “travel” on to the next station. Use your imagination and you can come up with many great ideas to use for this around the world traveling game.

AIRPLANE COLORING STATION – Use paper bags, newspapers or butcher paper to cover a table. Download fun airplane themed coloring pages from the internet or take an airplane coloring book and remove the pages for all the kids to enjoy coloring. Provide coloring pencils, washable markers and crayons.

Airplane Game ideas

AIRPLANE TATTOOS – When kids arrive at the party, allow them to choose a removable tattoo to place on their cheek or hand for the party.

PIN THE PILOT INTO THE JET - Hang a big poster of a jet on the wall. Prior to the party, if you have photos of all your guests, create pilots of your guests to use for this game. Cut out the head of each guest and glue it to a pilot body, which you create from construction paper.

At party time, blindfold one person, give them their picture which will have double-stick tape on the back, and have them try and "pin" their picture as close to the pilot's seat as they can. If you don't have photos of all your guests, then just use the birthday child's photo and write the name of each guest on the construction paper pilot.

HOT PLANE - This game is a lot like the game, Hot Potato, but you use a toy airplane instead. Have all your little pilots sit down in a circle on the floor. Then give the toy airplane to the birthday child. Play music, instructing kids to pass the plane to the right. The passing continues until you stop the music. The person holding the plane is out of the gain. The last child remaining wins the game.

Airplane Game ideas

AIRPLANE PILOT SAYS... – This game is played as you would play "Simon Says" except Simon will be replaced by a pilot. The birthday child will start the game out by being the pilot. Play for a couple minutes, allowing everyone to have a chance to lead the game.

AIRPLANE SEARCH - Fill a wading pool full of Styrofoam packing peanuts (clouds) and then place enough small die cast airplanes into the peanuts, as there are children. Then let everyone look for one plane. Once they find a plane, then they must stop looking.

AIRPLANE PINATA - Blindfold a guest with a handkerchief. Wrap the bat with some decorative streamers and/or colorful curling ribbons that are tied to the handle. To really coordinate things, be sure to use your party colors. Let all the kids take a turn whacking the pinata.

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