Airplane Game - Airplane Toss

by Amanda Davis
(Addison, Michigan, US)

Balsam Wood Airplane - Perfect For Airplane Toss Game

Balsam Wood Airplane - Perfect For Airplane Toss Game

You will need to fold a number of paper airplanes and you will need 3 buckets. Place the buckets different distances away from the players. They will need to try to throw the paper airplanes into them. The farther the bucket, the more points it is. The player with the most points after 3 throws wins.

Reply: Great Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

Amanda had such a fun idea you can use if you are looking for exciting airplane games. After all, an airplane birthday party will not be as fun without some exciting games to keep everyone from getting bored. This game idea made me think of some more exciting airplane games and activities.

One great idea is to allow kids to assemble small, foam model planes. These plans are really cheap and easy for kids to put together. You may want to have some fun stickers around so kids can enjoy decorating their planes. Then you can have a fun plane race to see who’s model plan can go the furthest.

Another fun game idea for an airplane birthday party is to play The Pilot Says. Have a pilot helmet for the “Pilot” to wear. Basically this game is played like Simon Says. Pick someone to be the pilot and then have that person lead the game by saying, “The pilot says touch your toes,” etc. Kids will have a blast taking turns being the pilot to lead the game.

While you are planning out the games, don’t forget to have some exciting airplane themed favors to give kids at the end of the airplane birthday party. Cool airplane coloring books are a great idea, as are small wooden model planes. Toy airplanes can make great little favors as well. You could even bake up some cookies in the shapes of airplanes to give out. Kids will love these sweet treats.

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