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Fun And Fabulous Homemade Airplane Costume Ideas
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If your child runs around the house pretending to be a flying airplane with arms outstretched while making a motor sound, perhaps it's time to have that youngster spread their wings and fly with a fun airplane themed costume.

An Airplane Themed Costume Will Have You Taking Flight In No Time At All

With a little planning and creativity, your little aviator is sure to spread his/her wings and take flight. As you'll soon discover, this is a fairly easy costume to make and for the most part you'll probably be able to use a lot of items from around your home. This is a great opportunity to do a craft project with your child, so you'll want to be sure to involve him/her in the costume creation process. Also be sure to get your child's input as to color preferences and possible plane and wing designs.

The following costumes have either been submitted by visitors like yourself or they've been discovered by our Costume Hound who has been on the hunt in order to give you some ideas to inspire high-flying success. Regardless of their origin, if you're interested in turning your youngster into an airplane, here are some cute ideas to help get the wheels of creativity turning:


airplane costume
Airplane Costume - Photo courtesy of: Wills Casa


airplane costume
Airplane Costume - Photo courtesy of: CaptainDumbass


airplane costume
Airplane Costume - Photo courtesy of: Noisette


Costume Courtesy Of:
Family Fun
Top Gun Pilot

pilot costume

My 3 year old son wanted to be a plane for Halloween. So, I made him an air force pilot and made a jet for him to wear. Top Gun was my inspiration. I did a lot of research on the decals and plane.


  • Box
  • Paper Mache materials
  • Gray Spray Paint
  • Colored Construction Paper (to make decals)
  • Duct Tape (to make straps)
  • Black Paint (to paint cockpit)


Costume Courtesy Of:
Family Fun
Box Airplane

airplane costume

Transform a plain cardboard box into a shiny, flying machine that kids can wear.


  • Metallic spray paint
  • Duct tape
  • Aluminum foil
  • Long paper fastener
  • Plastic wrap


Large corrugated cardboard box Utility knife.

Start with a large box that is big enough to cover half your child's body. Cut off the bottom flaps of the box with scissors or a utility knife (a job for parents). Cut out rectangular wing flaps on the sides, making sure that they are a little longer than your child's arms and directly across from each other.

For the head hole, cut out a rectangle on the top of the box that's big enough for your child's head but not too close to the edges of the box. Make the opening for the head on the smaller side, to prevent the costume from slipping off your child's shoulders.

To make the airplane costume, paint the entire box with a metallic spray paint so it looks like a flying machine.

For the propellers, cut two strips out of cardboard and cover them with aluminum foil. Fasten the strips to the front of the plane with a long paper fastener and give the propellers a trial spin.

For the windshield, cut a frame out of cardboard the same width as the box. Tape a piece of plastic wrap inside the frame to make it look like glass and attach it to the box with duct tape.


For extra fun, hand the pilot a pair of swimming goggles, a long scarf, and a winter hat with ear flaps before takeoff.


airplane costume
Airplane Costume - Photo courtesy of: Parenting


airplane costume
Cute Little Guy Decked Out As An Airplane


airplane costume
Airplane Pattern Costume - Photo courtesy of: BHG - Airplane Pattern Costume


Once you've created your costume, we'd love for you to share photos of your creation, along with any costume-making tips you might have. If you'd be willing to do so, all you need to do is fill out the following form and upload your photo(s). We'll then turn your story into a webpage for all the world to see and your Little Sweetie will become famous! Thank you in advance for sharing!

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