Airplane Cake

by Mae-Lan Mejia
(Santa Clarita, CA)

Ready To Take Off To A Party Of Fun!

Ready To Take Off To A Party Of Fun!

The airplane and clouds are made out of rice crispy treats, which have been formed to create these shapes. They were then covered with fondant and hand painted. The bottom tier is a fondant covered cake that was also hand painted.

Reply: Great Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

This airplane cake looks incredible. Who would have guessed that the plane and clouds are actually crafted from rice crispy treats? What a fabulous idea! This cake is the perfect addition to an airplane theme party and it inspired a few fun ideas that you can use for your toddlers party.


For cute invitations, consider purchasing some small toy planes. Write invitation information on pieces of cardstock and then attach the cardstock to the airplanes with some string. Hand deliver the toy plane invitations. These cute invitations give your little guests something to play with before the party and a fun preview of things to come.


Another fun idea for an airplane theme party is to actually decorate your party area like you are flying up in the air. Create clouds to hang from the ceilings and you can even hang model planes from the ceiling as well. If you want to create some puffy-looking clouds to hang from your ceiling, take two pieces of white butcher paper that are cloud-shaped, glue the edges but leave an opening so you can stuff the cloud with newspaper. Then glue the opening closed and hang your clouds at different lengths from the ceiling using fishing line.

You can also cover a wall with blue sky and cloud gossamer or create your own wall covering using blue and white butcher paper.

Recycle your old maps by turning them into garland. Cut out a pennant shape, hole-punch each flag in the two upper corners and string a decorative ribbon or twine through the flags and hang the garland around the room to add to the airplane/travel atmosphere.


If you need some fun ideas for activities, consider having simple model airplane kits that the kids can use to build their own little model planes while at the party. Be sure to have adults or teen helpers on hand to assist the toddlers in putting the planes together. Once the planes are built, let the kids have a blast decorating them. You can even have a contest to see who decorates the most colorful, unique plane. Of course, at this age you'll want to be sure to give everyone's plane recognition and a prize!


Of course, you need to send your small guests home with nice favors when the airplane theme party is over. One delicious idea is to send them home with cookies shaped and decorated to look like airplanes. They’ll have a nice treat to enjoy later. Toy airplanes or model airplane kits also make wonderful favor ideas that young toddlers are sure to enjoy.

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