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Fun And Fabulous Airplane Cake Ideas
Get Ready For Take Off With These Cute Cakes!

If your child have a love for planes and you have decided to have an airplane party for his upcoming birthday, then I'm sure you are on the look for some ideas to help you make an airplane birthday cake that will be a soaring success!


To help get you excited and give you some ideas, our Cake Hound has gone on the hunt and gathered together several options that would be perfect for the pilot in your life or for anyone who's looking for just "plane" fun. Hopefully something will spark your interest, rev up your imagination, and inspire you to start creating. However, we realize not everyone wants to make a cake themselves and perhaps you'd rather just print out the picture and trot on over to your local bakery and let them have at it!

But, if you're ready to dive right in and can hardly wait to get into the kitchen, then keep on scrolling and you'll soon find a few cake options that provide all the how-to directions so you may start creating your own high-flying cake success.


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The following cake ideas are fairly simple and even a novice cake-maker can confidently embark upon creating a successful airplane themed cake.


Turn an ordinary sheet cake into an airplane birthday cake. Start by making your favorite cake recipe and baking it in a rectangle shaped pan. Once it has cooled, then cut the cake into an airplane shape by laying a paper template in the shape of a plane on top of the cake and cutting around it.

Cover the airplane cake in frosting or fondant, whichever you prefer and decorate it accordingly. You might want to add a little face to the front of the plane for added fun. Also, you could pipe out various colored frosting on different parts of the plane to give it a more child-like appearance.

Place your plane on a runway made out of black or gray fondant and pipe on the white and yellow runway stripes, along with a birthday message.

AIRPLANE-SHAPED CAKE #2 - Start by making your cake in an airplane shaped cake pan. After it cools cover it with fondant to create a smooth, professional finish or opt to use frosting(s) in your party colors. Add a few details to the plane to make it come alive--things like windshields, propellers, numbers, and a decal. All of these things can be easily cut from various colored fondants. Top it off with a birthday greeting.


If you're pressed for time, you might want to consider opting for a simple sheet cake that is frosted to look like a runway and then place a clean toy airplane on top of the cake, along with piping out a fun Happy B-Day message.

If you are on the look for some cake ideas that focus on the theme of airplanes, you'll find the cakes in this section have either been graciously submitted by visitors like yourself or our Cake Hound has learned of their existence from other sources. Regardless, we've gathered them all together for your enjoyment, to get your creativity moving, and to inspire you to create your own airplane masterpiece.


When the party's over, we'd love to have you share your story, along with any pictures of your fabulous creation so others may enjoy your talents and draw from your ideas to help them create their own artwork. If this is something you'd like to do, please fill out the form below, then upload your picture(s), and we'll do our best to get your page posted on our site so the world may see it as quickly as possible. Thank you in advance for your time!

If you'd like some additional airplane cake inspiration, then you might want to click on the links below the submission form to check out a few more ideas. The following cakes have been created by our talented readers and are graciously visitor-submitted for your enjoyment!

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