Airplane Birthday Party Ideas Get Ready For Take-Off!

Fun And Fabulous Airplane Birthday Party
Get Ready For Some Just "Plane" Fun!

Every kid has wished, at some time, that they could fly. So, tell them to buckle their seatbelt and get ready for the ride of their life!

Your guests will be flying high in the sky with all the exciting airplane adventures you have planned. Get ready to send them soaring in the Joyful Jet of birthday excitement and fun! To help you board the Birthday Express and get all your clouds in order, I've put together some birthday party ideas for invites, decor, your airplane party food, favors, and lots more. So, fly on through the following ideas to pick and choose those things that will make your airplane party a flying success!

airplane birthday
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AIRLINE BIRTHDAY PARTY TICKET INVITATIONS - Make your invites to look like little airplane tickets. Use either your first or last name as the name of the airline. For example, Monroe Airlines or Jeffrey Airlines.

On the front, add First Class ticket, the passenger's name (Guest Name), the departure time (When The Party Starts), and the flight and seat numbers. You can also add a computer code to make it look like an airline ticket code.

On the back write, "Ticket Is Non-Transferable. Passenger is allowed one carry-on parent. Confirm with Monroe Airlines ticket agent (Parent's Name) by calling (Phone number). Flight departs from Terminal 12, Gate 5 located at (Party Address). Tell your guests to bring their tickets for admittance into the party.

FLYING AIRPLANE INVITES - Use a piece of airplane-themed scrapbook paper. Use a computer to print the invitations or write the details in calligraphy. Next, fold up the invitation into the shape of an airplane. This fabulous website offers some excellent Airplane Folding options. After folding, place the plane in an envelope and mail it. You may want to include a little note telling guests to unfold the paper airplane for all the party information.

AIRPLANE BIRTHDAY PARTY GLIDER INVITES - Buy wood gliders and write all of your party info on the blank sides of the glider. Watch your placement to insure the details will still show when the plane is assembled.

AIRPLANE-SHAPED INVITES - Cut out the shape of an airplane from colored or construction paper. Write your party details on one side. Create a window on the reverse side and glue a picture of the birthday child in the window. Using the first or last name of the birthday child, write "Hamilton Airlines" or "Roberto Airlines", as the Official Birthday Party Airline on the front.

AIRPLANE BIRTHDAY PARTY CLOUD INVITES – Using cardstock or construction paper, cut out the shape of a large cloud. On one side, write the details of the party. Then, place some airplane stickers on the opposite side of the invite.

PILOT PHOTO INVITES - Cut a piece of card stock in one of your party colors into two pieces and fold it in half. Using decorative scissors, trim edges of a photo of your child in an airline pilot costume, so it is slightly smaller than the card stock. Glue photo to the front of the invite. Put "Fly On Over For Some Good Old-Fashioned "Plane" Fun" above the photo. On textured white paper (finished size will be 4 1/2" x 7 1/2") either type or handwrite in calligraphy the party details on the left side:

EMBELLISH READY-MADE INVIVATIONS - Buy some ready-made airplane themed invitations and then embellish the picture. For example, add some glitter to accentuate the various details on the invitations.

Invitation Wording Ideas
  • Use the name with the word, “Airlines” after it - Hamilton Airlines or Roberto Airlines, Official Birthday Party Airline

  • Passenger or Flyer: (Name of the guest) - 500 Frequent Friend Miles

  • Flight Time: (time of the party)

  • Flight Date: (date of the party)

  • Departure Location: (Guest’s address)

  • Arrival Location: Terminal 12, Gate 5 located at (address of the party)

  • Airline Code: "112507; THR EEYE ARSO LD 2110" (This represents the month, the date, and the year born; and spells out their current age).

  • Ticket is non-transferrable

  • Passenger may only bring up to 2 carry-on parents

  • Light meal will be served.

  • If unable to join our flight, call Hamilton airlines ticketing agent at (parent’s phone number)


Helpers and parents can dress like the crew of the flight. Ask them to come in dark pants, then give each one a t-shirt in one of the theme colors. Imprint an airplane on the back or the name of your airline, e.g., HAMILTON AIRLINES or ROBERTO AIRLINES.

For some more fun costume ideas, take a look at the AIRPLANE COSTUME photos and how-to tips. They are nothing less than fabulous and exciting!


With an airplane birthday party or a fighter jet party, your color options are almost endless. To determine your color scheme, you might think about your favorite airline and then you can duplicate their colors. For example, United could be blue, white and red. Or, perhaps you want to go with a Boeing 747 and use white, turquoise, and royal blue. If you child also likes army-related things, you might consider an army plane party, in which case you would use camouflage colors of mustard yellow, brown, army green, black and khaki.
  • To identify where the “airport” is for passengers (guests), you can make a big sign to place in your yard. Make the sign using the guest of honor’s name and their current age. For example, “Dunlap Airport – Terminal #6.”

  • Put a sign at the walkway area near the front door that says, "Boarding Area."

  • Hang a sign on the front door saying, "Jamison Airport - Terminal 3, Gate 9" or "Welcome Aboard Jamison Airlines."

  • At the coat closet, put a sign that says "Check Your Bags Here."

  • Arrange chairs in row formation in a room where there is a TV and place a number on each chair. As guests arrive check their ticket (invites) to determine their seat location. Have a stewardess escort them to their seats. Have them check their luggage (presents) at the baggage area. After everyone arrives you can serve them some food and show a short movie.

  • Hang a sign that says "Baggage Claim" on a wall and place an open suitcase on a small table. Fill the suitcase with your passengers' favor bags.

  • Make some extra-large paper airplanes out of legal size colored paper. Hang them from the ceiling using fishing line.

  • Decorate the "airport" balloons that have curling ribbons in the color scheme and plenty of twisted party streamers.

  • Especially focus the balloons in the corners of the “airport.”

  • Hang airplane posters up on walls.

  • Hang some fun airplane wall graphics, which will instantly liven up your party room walls. When the party is over, transfer them to your child's bedroom walls.

  • Make airplane related signs to hang up throughout the party area. For example, Terminal #6, Gate #4, The Sky's The Limit, or Plane Hanger #5, etc.

  • Use some fishing line to hang up toy airplanes, inflatable airplanes, paper airplanes or gliders.

  • If you have areas where you don’t want guests, then add "Keep Out - Airline Crew Only" signs to that area.

  • Old trunks or suitcases (especially those with lots of travel stickers) can be stacked or arranged around the “airport” to add to the décor.

  • Hang light blue netting across the entire ceiling of the party room and fill it with white and blue balloons to create the sky.

  • Use some balloon clusters to create clouds. Tie several together and hang them up from the ceiling. Then, take a toy airplane and hang it down beneath the clouds for a cool look.

  • Use poster board to create and cut out big clouds and then use some glue and cotton balls to cover the cloud. Hang them from the ceiling by punching a couple holes in every cloud and hanging them up from some fishing line. This allows you to have some clouds for the planes to fly amongst.

  • Do you have any ceiling fans? If so, use fishing line to tie some airplanes to the fan. Then, turn on the fan, keeping it only on low, allowing the planes to fly around.

  • Use old maps to cover party tables, then sprinkle the table with confetti and add the party ware with the airplane theme.

  • Use butcher paper to make a table look like it is a runway. Use two strands of Christmas lights (make sure they are white) and lay them down the middle of the paper, allowing room in the middle to place some toy airplanes.


PRINTABLE GAMES - Here's a great site for some fun Print & Play Birthday Party Games. Click on over to get all the instructions on how to play the following fun Printable Birthday Games.

Check out this page, which is packed with Airplane Birthday Party Game Ideas and Activities. Click on over to get all the instructions on how to play the following fun games:
  • Runway Obstacle Course
  • Paper Airplane Contest
  • Hot Plane
  • Balancing Cups #1
  • Balancing Cups #2
  • Pack Your Bags
  • Fly Around the World
  • Pass The Black Box


PILOT SANDWICHES - Create sandwiches of peanut butter and jelly or sandwich meat and cheese and wrap the sandwiches in Saran Wrap. Seal them with an airplane sticker. Or you could seal them with a label that says, "Hamilton Airlines, Flight 747, Passenger" or "Crew Member". Or just create a label that says "Boeing 747, Flight 1692."

AIRPLANE BIRTHDAY PARTY FLIGHT PACKS - Make each little pilot their own tasty "flight pack." After you make the sandwiches, add a piece of fruit, a bag of candy, bag of nuts, fruit snacks, chips, etc. and place the food into a brown lunch bag that is decorated with fun airplane stickers or use a colored lunch bag that matches your party colors and add the airplane stickers. In the alternative, you could place the food into boxes that have been decorated with fun airplane themed stickers or serve everything up on small trays.

MINI AIRPLANE PIZZAS – Buy or make your own pizza dough. Roll out the dough and it into airplane shapes using an airplane cookie cutter. You can either go ahead and add your pizza sauce, the cheeses, and fin toppings, or you might like or create a "Make Your Own Pizza" buffet and let the kids add their own toppings and then bake them.

KID-FRIENDLY FOODS - The following foods really don’t have an airplane theme, but they are kid-friendly favorites that you may want to use. After all, you definitely want to make sure your young guests have food favorites that they enjoy.
  • Carrots & Ranch dressing
  • Hamburgers & hotdogs
  • Crackers & cheese
  • Chicken nuggets
  • French fries
  • Macaroni & cheese
  • Fruit - bananas, strawberries, grapes, apples
  • String cheese

JET FUEL – Party punch or some Gatorade. Place a sign on the punch bowl labeled, “Jet Fuel: to make it more fun for everyone.

AIRPLANE BIRTHDAY PARTY SNACKS – Take Ziploc bags and fill them up with fun snacks, such as chips, Teddy Grahams, peanuts, nuts, Goldfish crackers, Cheese-Its, pretzel sticks etc. You can also hand out prepackaged snacks, like fruit snacks or 100-calorie snack packs.


airplane cake
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MINI AIRPLANE CAKES – Start by making a sheet cake. After it cools, take the cake out of the pan, putting it into the freezer for about 25-30 minutes. Use airplane cookie cutters to cut out mini individual airplane cakes. Add a bit of icing to the mini cakes, then place in the refrigerator for one hour. This thin coating of icing helps to give the edges of the cake a smooth, clean finish. Next, frost the airplanes and have fun decorating them. Make sure you use a large spatula to move the mini cakes to avoid breaking them.

AIRPLANE BIRTHDAY PARTY CAKE #1 – Buy or make your own sheet cake, frosting it with blue frosting. Place a new, clean airplane right in the cake’s middle, adding some toy pilots and plastic flags for a fabulous cake.

AIRPLANE BIRTHDAY PARTY CAKE #2 – Cut a sheet cake into an airplane shape. Make the tail with a Rice Krispy square. Frost your plane in colors to coordinate with your airplane theme. For example, red, white, and blue or camouflage colors, etc. Glue a runway design to cardboard and place it under the cake. Use plastic wrap to cover the cake. If you want to create the look of the plane flying over land and sea, you could mix up your scrapbook papers by using ones that look like land, clouds, water, etc.

AIRPLANE CUPCAKES - Make a tasty cupcake recipe and pipe out chocolate frosting on top of the cupcakes. Place an airplane candle holder on each cupcake and place them all on a plate. Then insert a candle into each holder.

AIRPLANE BIRTHDAY PARTY RUNWAY CAKE - Bake two 9"x13" cakes and cool. Cut them in half lengthwise. You may create this cake directly on your serving table by covering it with Saran Wrap and decorating the cake directly on your table. In the alternative, use sturdy cardboard, a cake board, or foam poster board that is at least 55" x 12". Cover your surface with paper to match your selected runway color (gray or chocolate color). Then cover the paper in Saran Wrap. If you want to save a little paper, all you need to cover are the edges that will show, since the cake will cover the bulk of the surface.

To create the runway, place the cakes, end-to-end, running lengthwise. Frost the cakes with gray or chocolate icing. Pipe on your runway markings with white icing. Place plastic toy planes on the runway, along with airport workers. If you would like to add a grass and/or dirt area, be sure to add an additional cardboard surface to support these ingredients. Your grass may be made from coconut dyed green. You can layer it in an area, or make a small cake, frost it green, and then add the green coconut on top. For a dirt area, use crushed Oreo cookies, crushed Graham crackers, or brown sugar. Once again, you may place this directly onto the cardboard surface or add another cake, frosted the appropriate color underneath. If you opt to just use the cardboard, then frost it so your topping will adhere and not slide off.

If you want to see some great AIRPLANE CAKE photos and how-to tips, then click on over and check these fun cakes out.


Create a baggage label using the first or last name of your child, saying, "THANK YOU FOR FLYING JEFFERSON AIRLINES" and then attach it to a paper bag. Then fill it up with some various airplane-related favors like any of the following:
  • Airplane themed activity or coloring books with markers or crayons
  • Airplane puzzle
  • Gliders
  • Snap together airplane
  • Toy airplane
  • Cool snacks (like those you get on an airplane), such as fruit snacks, packaged nuts or pre-packed candy
  • Airplane themed fake tattoos or stickers
  • Toy parachute men
  • Toy binoculars

Have You Sent Your Guests Soaring With A Fun Airplane Birthday Party?

Do tell, as we all want to learn how to take off and enjoy some high flying airplane birthday fun.

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