Airplane Birthday Cake

by Farrah S.

Get Ready For Take Off!

Get Ready For Take Off!

This is the first airplane-shaped cake that I ever made. However, I make all of my kids' birthday cakes every year and since I have four kids, I've had a lot of practice.

I took two 13" square cakes and carved out the pieces I needed. I used Wilton's simple white frosting. I brushed it onto the cake with a paint brush and warm water to get the smooth texture and then piped on the decorations.


I created some airplane-shaped invitations and wrote "Come Fly Away With Me! on the front. On the back I put "Take Off To The Party Is Set For (Date & Time).


I hung up a bunch of posters that had airplanes on them and then I also hung up some old maps. Then I made a bunch of various colored airplanes out of foam and hung them from the ceiling; I used fishing line so it was almost invisible.

I also made some clouds out of cotton balls and poster board. I first cut out a cloud shape from white poster board and then I glued several cotton balls to it until it was covered. I also hung my clouds from fishing line from the ceiling.

Of course I had balloons--actually I had lots of them because they're cheap, and colorful, and festive, and they just make the room really inviting. Anyway, I made several bunches of balloons and put them all around the room.

On some of them, I attached a little toy airplane. This way they were more decorative during the party and then I ultimately gave the balloon bouquets that had airplanes attached to the kids as one of their favors as they went home.


I let the kids claim their other favors at the "Baggage Claim" area that I set up.

I think everyone had a lot of fun. No tears and lots of smiles and laughs--created a good memory and I can hardly wait until I get cracking on my next cake.

The airplane cake was fairly easy to make and I actually had a lot of fun creating it, so you guys can do it too!

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