Aircraft Carrier Cake Ideas

Fun And Fabulous Aircraft Carrier Cake Ideas
For That Military Hero In Your Life!

Cake decorating at times can be a bit of a challenge, but when all is said and done, you ultimately end up with a memorable creation and perhaps a not so bad work of art. If you've decided that a military themed birthday cake is in order and have opted to create an aircraft carrier, you're in luck as this is one of the easier cakes to create.


To help rev up your creative juices and give you some ideas of how you might want to create your cake, our Cake Hound has gathered several options together for your perusal. Perhaps something will spark your imagination and you'll be so moved that you'll head for the kitchen to start creating aircraft carrier masterpiece. If the project looks like it's a bit more involved than you're prepared to tackle, then you might want to print out the picture and enlist the services of your local bakery.

However, if the time has arrived for you to dig in and get to baking, then keep on scrolling down and you'll find some how-to directions so you may create your own magnificent cake. ______________________________________________________________

aircraft carrier cake
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aircraft carrier cake
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aircraft carrier cake
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aircraft carrier cake
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aircraft carrier cake
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Making The Ship's Body

Start by making your favorite recipe and bake it up in a 9x13 rectangle cake pan. This will serve as your body of your ship. After it cools, slice the cake lengthwise and lay the two pieces (end-to-end) on a cake board or a sturdy piece of cardboard that is covered with decorative foil. Cover the cake with a gray colored frosting.

Making the Ship's Deck

Cover graham crackers with the gray frosting and lay them on top of your deck so they hang slightly over the ship's body. Lay a strip of black fondant down the center for the runway and then pipe out the runway lines with white and yellow frostings.

Making the Ocean

Cover the surrounding foil with blue frosting to represent the ocean. Be sure to make the frosting uneven and choppy to give it the look of the ocean.

Creative Touches

Place a plastic dolphin, whale or shark in your water for added interest. Also place some plastic army men and airplanes on the cake's deck so there's a little life and activity going on. Pipe out a birthday greeting and your cake is ready to go.


When all is said and done, I'd really appreciate it if you would consider sharing your story and pictures of your wonderful creation, then others can draw from your talents to create their own works of art. If this sounds like something that you might like to do, then all that remains is a quick upload of your photos and typing out a little cake story and/or instructions so others can follow in your footsteps. I'll endeavor to post your page as fast as I can so everyone can enjoy! I thank you for taking a segment of your time to upload!

Have You Made An Aircraft Carrier Cake?

If you have, I would love for you to send over a picture or two--the sky's the limit! I'm sure that everyone will be flying high when they see your marvelous creation.

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