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Today, slumber parties are no longer just for kids. Slumber parties for adults have been on the rise for the last few years and they are a great choice when your goal is to create an exciting birthday party for those who are still young at heart.

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All you need to do is add a few pillow fights, some hilarious pajamas, great movies and plenty of food and you have an incredible party that's nothing to snore about! Simply have everyone show up with a sleeping bag and you are well on your way to a fantastic adult slumber party.

Of course, it may have been awhile since you threw a slumber party, so you may not be sure where to begin. To help you begin planning, here are some helpful ideas that you can use. You’ll find helpful decorating tips, great ideas for your menu, fun games, favor ideas and more. Use these ideas or allow them to start your own creativity.


READY-MADE INVITES - If you’ve already written out your guest list, you’re ready to start sending out the invitations. You’ll want invitations that will fit a slumber party while looking incredible. You can find simple premade invitations for adult slumber parties that only require you to fill in the party details.

U>TICKET INVITES - Of course, if you want to do something unique and special, skip the premade invitations and try making the invitations yourself. If you’ll be throwing a slumber party that includes a fun movie marathon, consider creating movie ticket invitations. Use some cardstock to create a ticket to a movie, trimming the ticket to make it look like a real one. On the front of the invitation, write “Admit One.” You can include the party information on the back of the ticket. To make it fun, note the guest of honor as the star of the “movie” and don’t forget the date, time and location.

POPCORN INVITES - Another fun idea for DIY invitations is to create small tags made out of cardstock that include the details of the party. Then, purchase some boxes of individual bags of microwave popcorn. Attach the tags to the bag of popcorn and slip into a small gift bag. Box them up and send them out or deliver them to guests by hand. Guests will enjoy the popcorn treat that comes with their party invitation.

SLEEPING BAG INVITES - You may also want to create your own sleeping bag invitation. You can use some cloth scraps to make your own little sleeping bags. Just make sure you leave one end of the sleeping bags open. Create pieces of cardstock to fit inside the sleeping bags, writing or printing all the party details on the cardstock. Simply put the paper into the sleep bag, slip them into envelopes and the mail them out to everyone on your guest list.


While you don’t have to get crazy with the decorations for adult slumber parties, you do want to make the party area festive for your guests. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • It’s nice to have plenty of balloons to help you decorate for the party. Choose balloons and party streamers that correspond with your party color palette. If you’re not sure what color palette to choose, consider the theme of your slumber party. Is it a party just for the ladies? If so, use colors like pink and purple. Is it just for guys? Use various shades of blue. If you’re inviting men and women to your slumber party, choose a nice combination of colors, such as greens and blues.

  • If you have a specific theme for the slumber party, such as a movie night theme, you can choose colors and decorations accordingly.

  • Your adult slumber party décor should include plenty of pillows. You want to make sure everyone is comfortable. Use large, comfortable throw pillows on the floor that guests can use to get comfortable.

  • It’s also nice to have some cozy blankets around the room for guests to curl up in as they enjoy the slumber party.

  • Don’t forget to have a nice birthday banner to greet your guests.

  • You can also opt to transform the walls of your party areas by covering them with gossamer, fabric, large strands of beads, or colorful wall murals.

  • To give the ceiling a little zest, you might want to hang some tissue lanterns, cover the ceiling with balloons that have ribbons hanging from them, lights, or streamers.

  • If you want to take everyone back to their childhood, consider purchasing child slumber party decorations that will make everyone feel like a kid once again.


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Since you probably won’t be sleeping very much at the adult slumber party, you’ll want to have plenty of great games and activities for guests to enjoy.

PILLOW FIGHT - One old classic that is tons of fun is a pillow fight. Make sure everyone has a pillow and then have a hilarious time jumping around and enjoying the pillow fight together.

KARAOKE - Another fun idea that is sure to have everyone laughing is doing some karaoke. Set up a karaoke machine and let everyone take turns busting out their favorite song, from contemporary favorites to old classics. Your guests are sure to have a blast crooning old some tunes.

VIDEO GAME - GUITAR HERO - Do all your guests enjoy video games? Consider having a Guitar Hero Tournament. See who can really rock this game and blow everyone else out of the water. If you’re not Guitar Hero fans, consider using another fun video game for your tournament.

CHARADES - Charades is always a great party favorite and will be especially hilarious when you’re all in pajamas.

PJ CONTEST- You may also want to have a pajama contest. Have the guest of honor be the judge and hand out a prize to the person who has the funniest pajamas at the party.

NAME THAT TUNE - All you need to do is start to play a song and whoever can name that tune's title is the winner. You can also require the artist be named to make the game a little more challenging. Another option is to give a point to whoever comes up with the right answer(s) first and whoever gets to 10 points first shall be the ultimate winner.

BEAUTY STATIONS - Who doesn't like to be pampered? This type of party is a great opportunity to treat your guests to any of the following: a free makeover, massage, facial, and/or a mani/pedi. Set up various stations and let your guests all be treated as a queen for the night.


Most adult slumber parties don’t include dinner tables, so you’ll want to go with foods that can easily be eaten. Finger foods are a great idea.

  • Pizza is always a big hit for a slumber party. You can order in pizza or consider setting up a pizza bar. Allow everyone to help top some pizzas and then bake them for some extra fun.

  • Chips and dip are great finger foods to serve.

  • A veggie platter with veggie dip is a healthy, tasty option.

  • Fruit platters, mini finger sandwiches and popcorn always make great slumber party foods that everyone is sure to enjoy.

  • Some other fun food ideas to consider adding to your menu include soft pretzels and nachos.

  • Of course, you’ll want to serve up some great drinks to your guests at the adult slumber party. It’s always nice to have plenty of water on hand for guests.

  • Soft drinks are a big favorite, so be sure to have plenty on hand. You can have cups that have lids and straws to avoid any spills. Lemonade also makes a great drink idea.

  • For guests who enjoy hot drinks, hot cups of cocoa are sure to be a big hit. Make sure you have plenty of marshmallows on hand.


There’s nothing like a great birthday cake to give everyone a sugar high at the adult slumber party. To make the cake extra special, consider a cake that goes along with the slumber party theme.

BED CAKE - If you’re buying the cake from a bakery, see if they can create a cake that looks like a bed. If you want to bake the cake yourself, consider creating a sheet cake that is decorated to look like a sleeping bag or a bed. Look online for some ideas or come up with your own.

PILLOW CAKE - Another idea is to create a cake that looks like a stack of pillows, which can be done with several square cakes, stacked together.


The next morning, make sure everyone is sent home with a nice favor to thank them for coming. Sleep masks make great favors for adult slumber parties. In fact, you can give them to guests when they go to sleep at the party so they can use them.

Tins or gourmet popcorn are also a wonderful favor idea that guests will enjoy again and again.

Cute teddy bears, nice throw pillows or even cozy blankets all can be used as party favors at the end of your adult slumber party.

Some other great favor ideas include gourmet chocolates, favorite classic movies or CDs of songs from the party.

You may even want to take a group picture and have copies made. When you have them back, frame one for each guest and send them as a special memento for each guest that attended.

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Have you ever gathered the girls and hosted an adult slumber party? If so, good for you! After all, slumber parties aren't just for kids, tweens and teens any longer.

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