Adult Party Ideas - One More Candle & A Trip Around The Sun Cake

by Carole
(Indiana, PA)

It's All About Hubby

It's All About Hubby

I try to do a theme for my husband every year for his birthday even though he is now 46 - I try to come up with something every year.

One year it was Pirates of the Caribbean theme (had a treasure chest on his cake) with the words you're a real treasure.

My best idea was a Jimmy Buffet themed party/cake - we attend his concert every year. As in one of his songs, “Trip Around the Sun,” he refers to a birthday as one more candle and a trip around the sun. So, I did a cake with a # candle (5 for 45) a tiny earth model and a sun as well. Then, I also made him a back stage pass type of a badge with a floral lei and his picture on it that referred to another of Buffet's songs (“License to Chill”), in which I made him an actual license to chill for the weekend for his birthday. It had an expiration date on it, which he thought was cool.

Reply: Great Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

This trip around the sun cake is such a cool idea. What an amazing job Carole did. When I saw this cake and read Carole’s story, it made me think of some more fun adult birthday party ideas to go with it. Along with the cake, it would be exciting to have a party with a Jimmy Buffet theme. Maybe theme the party around some of his hits, such as “License to Chill” and “Trip Around the Sun.”


For the decorations, you could easily create a tropical, island décor that would be relaxing for everyone. Tropical themed foods would go well too. Then you could recreate the trip around the sun cake to add as a centerpiece.


Of course, if you choose to use these Jimmy Buffet themed adult birthday party ideas, you’ll definitely want to play Jimmy Buffet tunes throughout the party. Here are a few of his hits you’ll want to use for your party playlist:

- “Back to the Island”
- “Bama Breeze”
- “Beach House on the Moon”
- “Blue Guitar”
- “Come to the Moon”
- “Everlasting Moon”
- “Havana Daydreamin’”
- “Lucky Stars”
- “Nothin’ But a Breeze”
- “Quiet Village”
- “Stars on the Water”
- “Sunny Afternoon”

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