Adult Costume Party Ideas

Fun And Fabulous Adult Costume Party Ideas
To Help You Dress Up An Ordinary Birthday And Make It Extraordinary

If you’re throwing an adult birthday party, you may be wondering what you can do to make it special and interesting. You want everyone to have a great time, which means you’ll want more than a slice of cake and aimless chatter.

One of the great adult party ideas to consider is throwing is a costume party. Everyone can enjoy feeling like kids again as they dress up in all manner of costumes. A costume birthday party is sure to be exciting for all your guests and the guest of honor will definitely appreciate all the fun and excitement for their birthday. Maybe it’s been awhile since you’ve been to a costume party, so here are some excellent tips and ideas you can use for invitations, decorations, food and more.

Since you’re throwing an adult costume party, make sure you choose invitations that will communicate your party idea to all the guests. Instantly grab their attention with the invitation. If you’re short on time or creativity, you can purchase costume themed invitations to send out. However, it can be a lot more fun if you have the time to make up your own invites.

PHOTO INVITES - Get guests excited and interested quickly to attend your party by creating photo invitations. Don your costume to let others know that it's time for them to be whoever they long to be at your upcoming costume birthday party.

MASK INVITATIONS #1 - One easy idea for the invitations is to create a mask-shaped invite. Use colored card stock in the color of your choice and draw a mask shape onto it. Cut out the mask and have fun decorating the front of it. Use glitter, sequins, feathers, and other embellishments to make the masks look wonderful. Then, on the back of the mask, use ink in a contrasting color to write out the party information. If you decide on a specific theme for the costume birthday party, consider incorporating that theme into your invitations.

MASK INVITATIONS #2 - Making your invitations three dimensional is always an excellent idea and provides stunning invites that are sure to grab the attention of guests. One easy idea is to purchase some cheap masks. Try to find a variety of different looks. Then, print out or write out party information on pieces of cardstock, decorating the cardstock with a bit of glitter to make it sparkle. Use ribbon to tie the cardstock with the party information to the mask. Guests may even want to wear their mask to the party.

BBQ INVITATION - If you're going to do a little bit of BBQing, you might want to use that as a part of an invitation. Start by removing the labels from new bottles of BBQ sauce and then add a label to each of them which contains all of your party information. You can also attach a few colorful curling ribbons to give it a little more zip.

The wording you select for your adult costume party will serve to not only let guests know that they've been invited to your costume birthday party, but you also have the opportunity to excite and entice them by pulling their interest into the party's theme. Create anticipation in attending with some fun wording, perhaps a little play on words, maybe a bit of corn so to speak--anything that might give them a chuckle and let them know that a good time is in store.

If you’re hosting a traditional style adult costume party, guests can wear any costume they like to the party. This allows everyone to have a lot of fun picking out a costume that they love. They’ll feel like a kid back at Halloween having the opportunity to choose a costume for the party. You may want to make it clear that the costumes should be family-friendly to avoid having that one rogue friend taking the costume idea to a risqué level.

If you don’t want to go with a traditional party, another idea is to host a theme costume birthday party. This allows you to pick a specific theme and then guests can choose costumes for the party that go along with that theme. Choosing a theme can allow you a bit of control over the costumes that show up for the party. Here are a few theme ideas you may want to consider if you decide to go this route:

- TV character costumes

- Film character costumes

- 1950s costumes

- Wild West costumes

- Superheroes costumes

- Victorian costumes

- Disney film costumes

When you’re ready to begin decorating for your adult costume party, you can really have a lot of fun with the décor.

  • Start out by adding plenty of classic costume accessories to your party area, such as hats, masks, feather boas and more. They’ll set the mood for the party and definitely add a festive touch.

  • Sparkly top hats and ornate masks can be hung on the walls and use as centerpieces for your tables.

  • Leis and colorful boas can be draped on banisters, around doorknobs on lamps and more, also adding to the overall décor.

  • You may even want to provide a costume accessory table with costume makeup, crazy wigs and other accessories that guests can add to their costumes when they arrive.

  • If you’re choosing a specific costume theme for the party, keep that theme in mind as you choose the decorations as well, otherwise you can go with any of the following which would work for all themes.

  • Balloons are an inexpensive and fun decorating medium that offers numerous options. For example, you can create a balloon arch at your main entrance or perhaps to enter the dance floor.

  • You can also create balloon garland by attaching balloons to a piece of decorative ribbon and hanging it around the perimeter of the room.

  • Don't forget to strategically place a few clusters or bouquets of balloons in empty corners to liven them up a bit.

  • You can even make some balloon animals or other shapes that might coincide with your theme and set them around the room as decorations. If you do make little balloon animals, you might want to tie colorful ribbons around their necks for added color and fun.

  • Dress up your chairs by attaching large bows made out of tulle that coincide with your party colors. You can also use tulle to dress up your lampshades.

  • Another inexpensive decorating item that you can use are streamers. Aside from doing the usual twisting around the perimeter of the ceiling, or stringing them from the center of a light fixture to all four corners, or wrapping them around bannisters and various pieces of furniture, there are other unique things you can do.

  • For example, one of my favorite uses of streamers is to take two different colors and twist them while stringing them across the entire ceiling. This of course is time-consuming, but it creates a great party effect on the ceiling.

  • Along these same lines, twist the streamers from floor to ceiling and cover an entire wall.

  • Step things up a bit by using colorful ribbons instead of streamers. They'll add an instant touch of elegance that streamers don't offer.

  • You can also use bouquets of flowers in various locations to add a splash of color, fragrance, and elegance.

  • Other items such as flower petals, confetti, candles, table runners, doilies, small mirrors, and small potted herbs can all be used to decorate tabletops, a fireplace mantel and shelves.

court jester hat image
Have plenty of games and activities planned out for your costume birthday party to make sure you keep the fun going. Entertaining everyone is important and it will definitely provide plenty of fun and laughter.

PARTY ICE BREAKERS - The purpose of party ice breakers is to get people to loosen up a bit, step out of their protective little world, and get to mingling with other guests--hopefully people they don't know. Rather than repeat myself, click on over to my Party Ice Breakers page to check out a large assortment of ice breaker games.

PHOTO BOOTH - One great idea for an activity is to have a photo booth set up near the entrance to the party area. Since everyone is dressing up, it’s a lot of fun to have pictures of the occasion. Set up a nice backdrop where guests can pose alone or with other guests for photos, which are sure to offer great memories of the party.

COSTUME CONTEST - Another great activity is to have a costume contest. Make the guest of honor be the judge and have them choose who has the best costume at the party. Offer a prize to the winner.

LARGE GROUP PARTY GAMES - Taboo, Balderdash, Catch Phrase, Scattergories, Pictionary, or Loaded Questions are all games that can easily be played with an unlimited number of people. They're all great options that get everyone involved and ignite the competitive spirit.

You’ll want to serve up plenty of tasty food at your adult costume party. One of the important things to consider when making up your party menu is ease of eating. Remember, guests may be wearing masks and expensive costumes while they are enjoying the party food. This means you need to go with foods that can be easily eaten even with masks. Avoid messy foods that may accidentally drip and end up ruining someone’s costume.

Finger foods are a great option for this kind of a party. A nice cheese tray, a fruit tray and a vegetable tray will definitely please your guests.

Small finger sandwiches are a tasty idea or you can allow guests to make up their own finger sandwiches by putting out trays of meats and cheeses.

Trail mix, chips and pretzels are all good party food options that are easy to eat as well.

For desserts, you'll also want to avoid ones that are difficult to eat and any that are overly messy. You might want to consider having cookies in the shapes of top hats and masks. They are easy to eat and will add to the décor of your food tables too.

Mini cupcakes or cake pops will also be easy for guests to eat and they'll look great too. Petit fours are another delicious idea that can easily be eaten with the fingers.

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It’s a fun idea to choose a cake that goes along with your costume birthday party. If you’re having the cake made by someone else, ask them to make a cake that fits with your theme.

TOP HAT CAKE - If you decide to make the cake yourself, one fun idea is to make the cake in the shape of a top hat. Choose a hat color that the guest of honor likes and decorate it with edible glitter. Put out a decorative edge around the top and bottom of the cake and add a birthday message and you're good to go.

MASK CAKE - Another idea is to make a sheet cake and then use icing to draw on a mask, decorating the mask with edible glitter and other edible accessories that make the mask look almost real.

THEME CAKE - If you’ve deciding on a specific costume theme, you can also create a cake that goes along with that theme.

At the end of the adult costume party, make sure you send guests home with a nice favor to make them feel appreciated. One idea is to send your guests home with their own masquerade style mask. You may also want to give guests a photo frame complete with the photo they took at the beginning of the party. They’ll love looking back at the photo and fondly remembering that awesome party. Sending guests home with candy in the shape of masks or mask-shaped cookies offers a tasty, edible favor that guests will enjoy eating on the way home or perhaps the next day.

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