Adult Christmas Party Games To Keep Your Party Flowin'

Fun And Fabulous Adult Christmas Party Games
Perfect For A Christmas Birthday Party, Holiday Party,
Or Family Get Together

Whether your celebrating the birth of someone born on or near Christmas, having a warm family get together, or have invited friends over for a Christmas party, you'll want to be sure to provide some fun games and activities to get and keep the good times rollin'.

Games have a way of quickly engaging everyone to have fun, raise energy levels, promote teamwork, and liven up the party in lickity-split time. So if you're looking to put a smile on everyone's face and get their adrenalin pumping, the following adult Christmas party games are not only tried and true, but fun too!

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ORNAMENT GIFT EXCHANGE - Have all of your guests bring a wrapped Christmas ornament and place them on a table in the center of the group. Number slips of paper from 1 to however many people are playing the game and place in a bowl. Have everyone draw a slip of paper. This determines the order your guests will play the game.

#1 picks a gift and unwraps it.

#2 may steal #1's ornament or select one from the pile.

If #2 takes #1's ornament, then #1 must select another gift from the pile.

#3 may steal #1 or #2's ornament or select a gift from the pile.

The game continues in this fashion until everyone has an ornament.

Variation: - No one unwraps the ornaments until the end of the game.

WHITE ELEPHANT GIFT EXCHANGE - Have all of your guests bring a wrapped, white elephant gift. Then proceed to play the game as noted above in the Ornament Gift Exchange.

Adult Christmas Party Games

HOW MANY ORNAMENTS - Fill a clear vase with mini Christmas ornaments. As guests arrive, have them write down how many red, green, blue, yellow, etc. ornaments are in the container, or how many ornaments in total are in the container. Whoever guesses the closest shall be the winner(s).

NAME THAT HOLIDAY TUNE - ts into teams. Play a few notes of a holiday song. Whoever is the first person to ring their bell and identify the song correctly receives a point for their team. Repeat the process and whichever team has the most points at the end of the game wins.

Adult Christmas Party Games

HOW MANY CHRISTMAS SONGS DO YOU KNOW? - Give your guests 1-2 minutes to come up with a list of Christmas songs. Whoever has the most, shall be the winner.

TWO TRUTHS & A LIE CHRISTMAS STYLE - While keeping a straight face, each player makes three statements, two are truth and one is a lie. Everyone else must try to figure out the lie. Here's a few examples of questions you could ask:

What is the worst present you ever received?

How old were you when you stopped believing in Santa Claus?

What is the best present you ever received?

What have you always wanted for Christmas, but never received?

What is the best thing you ever did for someone else for Christmas?

What is your favorite thing to do on Christmas?

Adult Christmas Party Games

REINDEER ANTLER GAME - Divide guests into several teams and give every team a pair of stretchy pantyhose, eight balloons and a red clown nose. On "Go", everyone blows up their balloons and stuffs four balloons into each leg of the pantyhose to create antlers. Then one lucky teammate must wear the antlers and the "Rudolph" nose while singing "Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer."

WRAP THAT PRESENT - Place guests on different teams, then give them wrapping paper, bows, an empty box, tape, a blindfold and some tape. When the game starts, one person has to head to the table with all the items, working to wrap the box with gift wrap while blindfolded. Do not allow scissors (that’s a bit dangerous when blindfolded). Keep the game moving as each person on the team has to add another layer of paper to the box. The last team mate has to wrap the box and then add some bows and ribbons. The team that finishes first wins the game.

Adult Christmas Party Games

UNWRAP THAT PRESENT #1 - x and wrap it with many different layers of gift wrap. Use mailing tape, duct tape or masking tape instead of regular tape to make it harder to unwrap the box. The number of guests should be used to decide the number of layers that you use on the box. For larger parties, consider having a few boxes wrapped so you can split guests into teams so everyone gets a chance at the fun.

The box should be placed in the middle of the guests, and then guests need to begin rolling dice. The first guest that rolls doubles with the dice has to wear oven mitts while unwrapping one layer of the wrapped box. Guests can continue to roll dice until someone else rolls doubles. Then, the person currently unwrapping the gift has to stop and the next person steps in. The person who finally completely unwraps the gift will win the game.

Adult Christmas Party Games

UNWRAP THAT PRESENT #2 - – Guests should be divided into several teams. In the middle of every team’s table, place a large stack of wrapped gifts. Lots of packing tape or duct tape should be used on gifts to make the presents as difficult to unwrap as possible. When the game begins, the team’s first person will run to the team table, unwrap one present, place the wrapping in the trash bag and then run all the way back to the rest of the players. The relay continues until all of the presents are unwrapped by the winning team.


Planning a few Christmas birthday or party games is sure to round out the evening and cause it to be a bit more memorable as people reflect on their evening of Christmas fun. If you're still on the look for some additional games, engage your imagination by thinking of party games that you have enjoyed playing in the past and see if you can give them a Christmas twist to keep them on theme. For example, instead of numbers on Bingo cards, use various Christmas symbols on the cards instead. All you have to do is put your Christmas thinking cap on and engage your creativity and you'll be coming up with your own game variations in no time at all!

Lastly, if you're planning a bit Christmas Birthday Party, I have some fabulous ideas for invitations, foods, decorations, party favors, and a whole lot more, all with a Christmas theme.

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