Adult Birthday Party Ideas
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Fun And Fabulous Adult Birthday Party Ideas
Helping You Create Snazzy And Jazzy Parties!

Are you looking for some adult party ideas that will rock your world, rev up your engines, or help you to celebrate in style? Great, cuz' I have got plenty of fun, G-rated adult party theme ideas that will help you to create a birthday bash that'll be the talk of the town. We also have lots of party game ideas, suggestions for invitations, party decorations, party planning, along with ideas for all of the other essentials like party food, snazzy sweets, birthday cakes, and Par-tay favors!

Whether you're planning a simple affair with friends and family or a full-blown birthday bash that's sure to be a smash, we'll help you showcase your creativity with panache!

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To let your guest of honor know that you went the extra mile to create a special and memorable birthday event, you'll want to select a party theme rather than just going with a simple cake and decor. To help get you started, listed below are several adult birthday party ideas and themes. If you want to check out any of these options, then all you will need to do is pick out which party theme you want to check out and click on the pic or link below:


adult beach partyAdult Beach Party - If an adult beach party has some appeal, then surf on over and grab a few beach party ideas and start creating a fun-tastic and rad beach party.

adult costume partyAdult Costume Party - An adult costume party will instantly dress up an ordinary birthday. Grab these ideas for invites, decor, party food, and games for your costume birthday party and instantly transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

adult slumber partiesAdult Slumber Parties - They're no longer just for kids. Pull on your PJ's, roll up your hair, and get ready to celebrate your birthday with all your BFF's in slumber style.

bbq birthday partyBBQ Birthday Party - Light up the grill, throw down the steaks, and get ready to party BBQ style! If the birthday honoree loves BBQ, then this is the par-tee for ye!

black and white partyBlack and White party - If a bit of formality is in order, perhaps a Black & White party that is patterned after the infamous 1966 Black and White ball that was hosted by Truman Capote might be in order.

Adult Birthday Party Ideas

fiesta party ideasFiesta Party Ideas - If you'd like to take your guests instantly south of the border, then grab your maracas, toss down your sombrero, and get ready to Par-tay fiesta-style!

fondue party ideasFondue Party Ideas - If you're entertaining a crowd who grew up in the 70's a fondue party is sure to please. If you want to "dine" slowly and enjoy your friends immensely, a fondue party is sure to please. Either way, this theme has the potential to be a yummy party simmering with fun!

fun casino partyFun Casino Party - If you're lookin' for a little action for your high-rollin' friends, here some fun casino party ideas.

girls night out partyGirls Night Out Party - If you like nothing better than getting together with your fellow hens and having a diva-licious night without the men folk, then you're sure to love this party theme. Let the boys enjoy their toys while the gals enjoy their pals!

golf party ideasGolf Party Ideas - If you want to score a hole in one for the best party, then check out these golf party ideas. They'll help you celebrate your golf enthusiast's big day in a big par-3-way!


hawaiian luau party ideasHawaiian Luau Party Ideas - Wiki Wiki your way on over and find out how to celebrate that luau birthday party in Hawaiian style. We'll help you create a tropical getaway of fun!

hollywood theme partyHollywood Theme Party - Celebrate in Hollywood style with a bit of glitz and glam. Grab some of these great ideas and start creating a stunning Hollywood party.

mardi gras theme partyMardi Gras Theme Party - This is a perfect choice if you love music, colorful decorations, crazy costumes, great food, and fun times!

masquerade party ideasMasquerade Party Ideas - Create an air of mystery with this fun theme. Great ideas that are guaranteed to mask the real you.

Adult Birthday Party Ideas

medieval birthday partyMedieval Birthday Party - This is a perfect party choice if you are a fan of the Renaissance, enjoy dressing in costume and kicking up your heels!

over the hill party ideasOver The Hill Party Ideas - This is a great theme that works well for many ages. This theme will help you party it up and celebrate those milestone birthdays with a bit of humor!

pirate birthday partyPirate Birthday Party - For ye ole adults who be lookin' for some cool pirate party ideas that'll hook you right in, click the skull to discover the pirate world that awaits you.. So, batten down the hatches and get ready for some swashbucklin' fun!


redneck party ideasRedneck Party Ideas - If ya'll be lookin' for some white trash ideas for a party that'll help ya'll host a redneck party that would make Jeff Foxworthy proud, then click on over and hillbilly it up.

spa Birthday PartySpa Birthday Party - If you happen to be thinking about hosting a party that is for women only and offers everyone the opportunity to be a little selfish by grabbing some me time, then this is the one for you. Sit back, relax, close your eyes, and get ready to enter the land of tranquility and decadent pleasure!

surprise party ideasSurprise Party Ideas - Do you like to do things in secret? Then a surprise party might be the fun theme for you. Shhhh! just remember to keep your surprise adult birthday party on the Q.T.

survivor party ideasSurvivor Party Ideas - This is theme that will challenge guests to "outwit, outplay and outlast" each other. Calling all tribes--get ready for some fun survivor birthday party ideas.

tea party ideasTea Party Ideas - If the thought of creating a "proper" tea party that the queen herself could enjoy, then click over and I'll help you brew up some lovely party ideas that'll spark your imagination.

this is your life partyThis is Your Life Party - This theme is perfect for a milestone birthday or honoring someone special in a fun and memorable way!

western party ideasWestern Party Ideas - Bring the wild, wild west to your home on the range. Saddle up your horses and ready yourselves to par-tay western style!


If you've ever created a great adult birthday party (Only G-Rated Parties, Please) and have some party photos and tips that you would be willing to share with the world, please send them over and I'll include them with our adult birthday party tales. All that is necessary for to do is fill out the short form below, upload your photos, and you'll be good to go. Then the ball will be in my court to create your page and make your party live on the web.

Your Best Adult Birthday Party Ideas

It's your turn to share. Fill out the short form below and let everyone know about your party ideas, give some tips and hints, or perhaps upload a pic or two. All I ask is that your ideas be G-rated. Thanks!

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