Adult Beach Party Theme Ideas

Fun And Fabulous Adult Beach Party Theme Ideas
To Help You Amp Up The Frolic At Your Next Beach Party Bash!

Don't wipe out, instead create a rad beach party. Sunny skies and cool blue waters will help you throw a fun-tastic, warm-weather party. Of course, holding your party at a beach is the ideal location however, if you don't have access to the wind and the sand, and balmy ocean breezes, then you'll have to bring the beach ambiance to life and turn your backyard into a beach-themed haven.

This party is all about fun in the sun even if you don't have access to an actual beach. So slip on your swimsuit and get ready to create one sizzling, sensational beach party with the following fun-tastic beach party ideas:

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Dive into some beach-worthy invitation ideas to help entice your guests to attend your beach party bash. Make sure no one passes up your invite by sending out exciting invitations for the adult beach party. It’s a good idea to choose invitations that will quickly communicate your theme to your guests. This way they know what to prepare for and they will be excited for the celebration.

BEACH BALL INVITATION - One fun idea is to create your own 3-D invitation, starting with a beach ball. Use inflated beach balls and actually write all the party information right on the ball with a Sharpie. You’re sure to get the attention of your guests with these interesting invitations. You can hand-deliver the inflated ball invites, or if you'd rather opt for mailing your ball invites, just deflate, place them into envelopes with a note instructing your guests to blow-up the ball and read.

SUN INVITATION - Another great idea for DIY invitations is to use yellow cardstock to cut out the shape of the sun, decorating the sun to look like a face. Make a pair of sunglasses from black construction paper, adding them to the face of your sun. Glue your sun to a piece of cardstock, folded into a card shape. On the front, write “Beach Party!” in big, bold letters. Then, add the party information on the inside of the card.

POSTCARD INVITATION - You may also want to purchase some cheap postcards that include pictures of the beach. Address the postcards to your guests and then include your party information on the postcard. They are sure to love the great beach pictures on the postcards and it makes a non-traditional invitation that definitely communicates your theme.

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VISOR INVITATION - Using decorative scissors, cut 8 1/2" x 11" card stock into four pieces. Type or write the party details. Laminate and hole punch the upper left corner. Thread curling ribbon through the hole and tie it to a visor, which guests may elect to wear to your adult beach party. Hand-deliver invitations.

SUNSCREEN INVITATION - Using decorative scissors, cut 8 1/2" x 11" card stock into four pieces. Type or write the party details. Laminate and hole punch the upper left corner. Thread curling ribbon through hole and tie to the neck of a small bottle of sunscreen. Hand-deliver invitations.

FRISBEE INVITATION - Get some colorful Frisbees and write all of your party details on the inside. Hand-deliver your invitations or place them in a mailing envelope or box and send them on their way.

SUNGLASSES INVITATION - Using decorative scissors, cut 8 1/2" x 11" card stock into four pieces. Type or handwrite the party details. Laminate and hole punch the upper left-hand corner. Thread curling ribbon through the hole and tie to the nose piece of a fun pair of sunglasses. Hand-deliver your invites.

SHELL INVITATION - Using decorative scissors, cut an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of beach-themed scrapbook paper into four pieces. Type or handwrite all of your party details. Place a piece of double side tape onto the center of the paper and affix it to the interior of a large concha seashell. This way the shell is useable by the recipients. Hand-deliver your invites.


Of course, the costumes for an adult beach party are going to be pretty easy. Simply have your guests dress like they are going to the beach. Tank tops, shorts, t-shirts, board shorts and bathing suits are all great costume ideas. Ladies can dress in beach cover-ups if they don’t want to walk around in a bathing suit during the party. Sundresses, flip flops, and water shoes all can add to the vibe of the party.

To keep the fun in the sun going, you may even want to have guests bring a beach towel along, especially if you’ll be at the beach or swimming in a pool.


Although the beach provides its own natural decoration, you will probably want to add a few items to create and define your party location. If you're not able to go to a beach, then select from the following beach party ideas to bring the beach to your home:
  • If you need some adult beach party ideas for decorations, start out with a nice palm tree photo mural, which can transform the entire party area to look like a beach area. If you’ll be having your party in the evening, a sunset sea photo mural is another great option to use. The murals will make guests feel like they’re on the beach, even if you’re holding the party in your own home.

  • A tiki bar can be set up as your drink serving station, adding to the island and beach feel of the area.

  • Adding some potted palm trees, real or fake, to the area can really add to the décor. These trees will really add the third dimension to your décor for the beach party.

  • It’s nice to string white lights or lighted lanterns around the area to give the area a beachy mood as well. Be sure to illuminate your fence-line and any canopies you might have erected. Keep the lights low and allow the lights or lanterns to provide a nice glow for the party.

  • Balloons can really add to the décor, especially if you choose balloons in the shapes of fish, flamingos, shells and other beach items.

  • You can use beach chairs and beach tables for your guests to relax in as well. If you’re actually holding your adult beach party outdoors, make sure you have umbrellas at the tables to keep everyone from having to sit in the sun.

  • You can also use beach balls around your party area to add a third dimension to your decorating.

  • Beach sign cutouts can be added to the walls to add some flare to the party area. Make an arrow sign that points and says something like, "This Way To The Beach." Another sign option is one that says, "Boardwalk" to show your guests the way to go in order to find food and drink. Paint the sign onto a piece of driftwood or an old piece of wood. Lastly, make a sign that says, "Restrooms" and hang on the outside of your bathroom door.

  • You can even go with beach-themed paper ware, such as napkins, paper plates and tablecloths, adding to the theme even further. Accent tabletops with a little beach themed confetti.


Come up with some great games and activities for guests to engage in at your adult beach party. Use activities and games to keep guests entertained and to make them feel like they are enjoying a day at the beach.

TOTALLY TUBULAR SURFING - Of course anyone can go out into the ocean and catch a wave, but here's a twist on traditional surfing that all can enjoy. Paddle out a little ways into the ocean and have someone stand up on a surfboard while four people try to shake that person off the board. No flipping of the board is allowed; just shaking. Time each surf-worthy contestant and whoever stays on the longest is the winner.

SWIMMING - If you have a pool, make it a pool party and allow everyone to enjoy some swimming.

VOLLYBALL - Beach volleyball is a great game idea, especially if you have plenty of sand to play in. You can use an actual volleyball or an inflated beach ball; both add a dimension of fun to the game.

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SAND CASTLE CONTEST - What's an adult beach party without a few sand castles popping up here and there. Divide your guests into teams and let the construction begin. You can allow 30-60 minutes to complete the task. Ask guests to cast their vote for the best castle and award that team accordingly.

HORSESHOES - Sand pits for horseshoes can be used for great games as well.

RELAYS - Relay races through the sand can be great games or you can have fun with a nice game of limbo to some great beach music.

MUSICAL BEACH TOWELS - Played just like musical chairs except with towels. Regardless of age, if you have a fun or competitive crowd, this simple game can be quite fun. Adults are sure to be pushing and elbowing to claim their towel and not be kicked off the island so to speak.


BBQ STYLE - Have fun with the food by using a variety of different beach party ideas for your menu. Barbeque style foods are a great option that will definitely fit with a beach party. Serve up some barbequed pork and chicken. Ribs are a great option and you can have barbequed pulled pork and pulled chicken that can be served up on buns with coleslaw.

HAMBURGERS - Burgers make a great choice for your beach party too. Make sure you have all the fixings, such as onions, cheese, pickles, mustard, mayo, and tomato.

HOTDOGS - Hotdogs are a great choice, as is a nice sandwich platter that allows guests to make their own sandwiches. Make a sandwich platter with different types of meat, such as sliced beef, turkey, and ham. Don’t forget a variety of cheeses and some different types of bread or wraps.

DELI SANDWICHES AND/OR WRAPS - Make it easy on yourself and just give guests all the deli fixins' that they need to put together a great deli sandwich. A platter filled with various slices of meats and cheese is sure to please. Add a basket of yummy breads, along with the appropriate condiments. In the alternative you could order up a deli platter filled with various wraps.

SNACKS - Of course no adult beach party is complete without snacks. Things like Goldfish crackers, tropical trail mix, cut-up veggies and dip, chicken wings and drumettes, chips and salsa, and perhaps a hallowed out watermelon filled with cut-up fruit are all yummy options to consider.

DRINKS - Since people will probably be pretty thirsty, especially if the party is outdoors, set up your drink area with cold sodas, plenty of bottled water, smoothies, and ice cold lemonade. All of these drinks are cool and refreshing for your guests.


Everyone enjoys a piece of birthday cake, not to mention the guest of honor will probably expect one. So, you'll want to be sure your adult beach party offers up a great theme cake. Here are a couple of options to consider.

BEACH BALL CAKE - Of course, no adult beach party is going to be complete without a great birthday cake. One fun idea is to create a beach ball cake, which can be done by using different round cake layers and trimming them into the shape of a ball. Decorate the ball in various colors with icing to make it look like a beach ball.

BEACH SCENE CAKE - Another idea is to create a beach scene cake that includes a shoreline and a sandy beach. In the sand, which you can make out of brown sugar, use a plastic bag covered finger to write “Happy Birthday” right in the sand of your cake.


Have fun coming up with great favor ideas to send home with guests after the adult beach party. Guests are sure to love taking home a beach themed picture frame. Another idea is a keepsake box in the shape of a palm tree or one in the shape of a beach sand pail. Personalized mint tins with beach scenes on them are sure to be a big hit too. Other great favor ideas include seashell shaped candy, mini beach balls or a pair of flip flops for everyone that attends.

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