Adult Beach Party Ideas

by Roberta S.
(Newport Beach, CA)

Indoor Beach Party

Indoor Beach Party

Although I live near the beach, the weather was lousy so I needed to have the party inside. I decided to have an indoor beach party. I started by getting blow-up beach balls and writing all the party info on the various stripes of the ball. I inflated the balls and hand-delivered them. That got people to thinking. Be sure to tell everyone that it is an INDOOR beach party.

I invited everyone to wear beach attire from swimsuits to Hawaiian shirts and board shorts. As people arrived, I gave them each a party lei.

I hung a huge beach mural on one of my walls to help set the scene. I also used a lot of silk plants and put white lights in them for ambiance. I hung lanterns around the ceiling. I also used lots of balloons and streamers. I put a grass skirt around the table to give it that beach-look.

I served BBQ beef and a variety of lunchmeats so people could make their own sandwiches. I also served coleslaw, lots of chips and dips, and fresh fruit.

I put beach chairs and beach towels all around the rooms to give it that beach feeling. I played Beach Boys music in the background.

Reply: Great Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

Wow! After reading Roberta’s ideas, I started thinking about a few more ideas of my own. The idea of an indoor beach party is definitely an awesome idea if you are looking for great adult beach party ideas but you don’t live near an actual beach.

Even though the party is indoors, it’s a good idea to serve up plenty of icy, refreshing drinks to your guests, which will add to the beach atmosphere. Along with great beach music, you can always play a CD or find a track online that gives you the sound of the ocean, complete with crashing waves!

If you don’t have enough beach towels of your own, you can always have guests bring some beach towels with them to add to those you have. If you’re trying to come up with adult birthday party ideas for favors, consider giving out flip flops or small bottles of sunscreen, which will go perfectly with the beach theme.

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