Adorable Car Cake

by Patty Smythe
(Salt Lake City, UT)

Cute Cars Cake

Cute Cars Cake

Everyone told me I didn’t need to throw a party for my little boy’s first birthday, but even if he didn’t remember it, I wanted to remember it. So, I started looking for fun boy birthday party ideas for one year olds. I found a lot of cute themes, but I decided to focus on cars for his party, since he loves playing with little cars all the time.

It’s easy to find boy birthday party ideas that focus on cars, so I found so many great car décor ideas that I couldn’t even use them all. I did add pictures of vintage cars around the party area, use paper goods from the “Cars” movie and had out plenty of toy cars to add to the décor. We even had fun car races for activity time so all the little ones could enjoy playing with toy cars together. While everyone was eating, I even threw on the first “Cars” movie to keep the little ones happy while they enjoyed their finger foods.

To go along with the cars décor, I made this adorable cake that was fashioned after a VW Beetle. What made this cake easy was purchasing a cake mold that I simply poured the cake batter into. Once it was done, I simply flipped it onto a platter and started decorating. I made the car pink and then decorated it with dark brown icing, even adding a cute face that I knew my son and the other little ones would giggle at.

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