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When trying to come up with games and activities for a party or get together, you might want to consider scavenger hunts for kids as an option. They have many great benefits--they help burn off that extra kid energy, which in and of itself is wonderful. They also tend to be more memorable because they are so fun and exciting to play with all the interaction that takes place while everyone is looking and gathering the various items. Hence the hunts tend to bring many a smile to a face for weeks, months and perhaps even years to come as they remember when....

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An ABC hunt is a great option for many ages including kids, tweens, and teens; it can also be played by fun-loving adults. Everyone will have to work together in order to be successful, so they're also a great team-building option. Scavenger hunts also require people to be able to move fast, spots items quickly, and maintain organization as they work their way through the list.

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The goal of this ABC scavenger hunt is to find 26 different items within the allotted time and each item must begin with a different letter of the alphabet. You can either leave it up to each team to decide what they want to obtain in order to match the letters, or you can narrow the search by going to a park, shopping center, inside of a house, a particular neighborhood, etc.

If you are dealing with kids, you will want an adult or an older, responsible teen to stay with each team at all times. If your hunt involves tweens or teens, you might still want a chaperone to insure everyone stays safe.

Give each team a bag to collect their items in, along with a pair of plastic gloves for everyone, just in case they have to pick something up that is yucky! They'll also need a clipboard with the hunt form and a pen or pencil to record their finds.

If you want to extend the length of the hunt a bit, you could require that everyone gather the items in alphabetical order. Obviously, the honor system will be in effect ; so if your group isn't honorable, this ain't gonna work!


Be sure everyone understands the ground rules before the ABC scavenger hunt begins so each person knows what is expected of them relating to their behavior, any choices they might make, etc. Here are a couple of things you might want to address with your team members:

  • Remind participants in the hunt to avoid running or yelling during the game, ensuring they display great behavior. Encourage them to treat everyone around them with respect and courtesy, including customers and sales individuals.

  • Remind everyone to stay out of people's way and to not inconvenience anyone.

  • No leaving the premises and no ditching their chaperone.


A _________________________________________

B _________________________________________

C _________________________________________

D _________________________________________

E _________________________________________

F _________________________________________

G _________________________________________

H _________________________________________

I _________________________________________

J _________________________________________

K _________________________________________

L _________________________________________

M _________________________________________

N _________________________________________

O _________________________________________

P _________________________________________

Q _________________________________________

R _________________________________________

S _________________________________________

T _________________________________________

U _________________________________________

V _________________________________________

W _________________________________________

X _________________________________________

Y _________________________________________

Z _________________________________________

Be sure to designate a specific meeting place and time for the teams to show up. The first team who obtains the 26 items, makes it back on time and ends up with the most points wins.

  • Teams get a point for every item they collect.

  • Items that begin with the letters "X" and "Z" get 5 points.

  • The first team that finishes the hunt and returns to the designated meeting place shall receive 5 extra points.

  • If anyone displays inappropriate behavior, e.g., screaming, causing a raucous, running, etc. that team will lose 1 point for each offense.

  • At the hunt's conclusion, any team that doesn't arrive back to the designated meeting place on time forfeits 1 point. To motivate compliance up the penalty to 1 point for every minute that the team is late.

  • If anyone damages something, which with this type of hunt should be highly unlikely, they will be responsible for paying for the damage and must forfeit 5 points.

  • If one of the team members leaves the mall without permission, 5 points will be forfeited.


Scavenger hunts are always a great party option or a way to keep boredom at bay. Everyone is sure to enjoy the hunt and when all is said and done, why not continue the fun at the local pizza parlor or yogurt shop. That way, the kids can wind down a bit, share their hunt tales with one another, and just bask in the after-glow of being on the hunt!

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