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Adding a scavenger hunt to your party's activities is sure to help make it extra fun and extra memorable when all is said and done. With the addition of an alphabetical mall hunt, you'll have all your guests scurrying about and having a rockin' good time.

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A mall hunt can be great fun; it has a way of turning an ordinary or perhaps boring day into an exciting event not soon to be forgotten. This type of scavenger hunt is ideal for a tween or teen birthday party or get together. The hunt will not only encourage a bit of physical activity, but will also help kids sharpen their visual skills--you know spotting that coveted item from a far.


When contemplating a mall hunt, you will need to factor in a few things ahead of time before scheduling the big day. First off, be sure the date that you are thinking of having the hunt is one that won't be extra busy at the mall. For example, a hunt shortly before Christmas, on Black Friday, or any other day that is sure to draw the crowds is probably not the best day to host the hunt. Taking the time to do your "homework" on this matter can save many a chaperone much frustration and help the hunt to run smoothly.

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You'll also want to check with the mall personnel ahead of time to insure they'll allow a scavenger hunt to take place on their premises, along with allowing photography and/or videography.

Last but far from least, in this day and age you might want to consider having a chaperone assigned to each team so an adult eye is maintained on all team members and everyone stays safe.

Once all systems are go, the hunt starts by dividing your group into teams. Provide each team with a list of items that they need to photograph within the allotted time. The teams will try to find 26 items in 26 different stores. In essence, one item for each alphabet letter.

If you are looking for a way to make your hunt last longer, you could also require the price of the item and the store it was found in to be written down, along with still securing a photo of each item. Of course there is no way to verify all of this info for every team and this portion of the hunt would be on the honor system.


Because you will be conducting the hunt at a public location, you will of course need to impart some basic rules to all your participants before the hunt begins, in terms of behavior, choices that everyone makes--let them know there are penalties for breaking the rules which will result in deductions from their points for items gathered. The following are some of the areas that you might want to discuss with the kids before you send them on their way:

  • Be sure everyone understands the importance of proper behavior. There should be no yelling or running and they should be courteous to shoppers and salespeople at all times.

  • Remind everyone to not inconvenience the mall shoppers and stay out of their way.

  • No shopping, eating, putting on makeup, spritzing cologne, or trying on clothes.

  • No heading to the movie theater in the mall.


___________________________________Apple design on something



___________________________________Diamond ring

___________________________________Electric knife


___________________________________Godiva chocolate



___________________________________Jewelry box

___________________________________Knitting needles


___________________________________Measuring cup




___________________________________Quilting thimble

___________________________________Radar detector


___________________________________Tennis shoes




___________________________________Xerox paper


___________________________________Zinc vitamins

Designate the time and meeting place for your teams to gather once they all complete their ABC Mall Hunt. The food court is a great option; you'll be able to feed everyone, not worry about food prep and cleanup, and this will give you a place to tally up the points for each of your teams in order to determine the winning team. Don't forget to factor in any penalties and bonus points. you can also award the prizes at the mall or save this whole process for the home front, whichever way works best for you.



  • For each item that is obtained, you can award 1 point.

  • The item that starts with an "X" is worth five points.

  • Give 5 bonus points to the very first team to complete the scavenger hunt.


  • 1 point loss for each offense. If anyone is caught displaying behavior that is inappropriate, e.g., running, littering, causing a raucous, shouting and/or screaming, etc.

  • At the conclusion of the hunt, if there is any team or teams that fail to return to the meeting place at the scheduled time, they shall forfeit 1 point. If you want to really motivate them to get back on time, then penalize for each minute that they are late--1 point per minute should do the trick.

  • Also be sure to let everyone know if they cause any damage to occur that they will not only have to pay for the damage that they have caused, but they will also lose 5 points from their hunt's total.

  • If anyone goes outside of the designated boundaries, in essence--leaves the mall without first obtaining permission from an adult, this action will cost that team a 5-point penalty.


Have fun and when the hunt is over why not spend a little money at the mall and have some pizza. Of course you could get it to go and bring the gang home and continue the party, but you might not want wound-up, high-energy tweens and teens hitting the home front.

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