A Super, Superman Costume

by Dross Mehra

Superman, aka Super-Duff

Superman, aka Super-Duff

My husband and I went to see the Superman film and he decided he wanted to be Superman. After pricing costumes, I decided to make the costume with a little modification. I took my blue nightgown and turned it into a shirt and a pair of pants. I added a white piece of fabric with Duff in the center of the shirt. I put elastic around the ankles and waist. I then added red shorts over the top of the pants with a white waistband. I glued some cans at the waist, which all had white Duff labels applied. It took around two to three hours to complete the costume and then my husband was ready to fly.

Reply: Great Costume Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

Now that you have a great Superman costume idea that certainly isn't the run of the mill way to make it, here are a few party ideas to help you make your Superman party a high flying success! First of all, it probably goes without saying, but your party colors will most likely be blue, red and yellow. Capitalizing on these colors, here are some ways to give your party room a superman transformation.

You can cut out various sized red, yellow and blue stars from card stock, attach them to fishing line, and hang them from the ceiling. You can also cover the ceiling with red, yellow and blue balloons that have curling ribbons hanging from them. This would surely give your ceiling instant wow-factor.

Hang some posters of Superman on your walls and accent around them with the red, yellow and blue stars. This is a great way to transform a dull, drab wall into something that has theme appeal.

Another fun idea would be to cut two to three-inch strips of red, blue, and yellow fabrics that are solids and prints. If you can find some theme fabric that could be mixed in, that would great. Cut enough strips to cover a 5' to 8' piece of jute and use it as garland. Be sure to tie a knot at each end to hold everything in place and leave a little extra so you can tie it to something like a window frame if need be.

Another garland idea would be to cut stars out and string them onto ribbon to create a garland that could then be hung around the room. Another thing that you could do with this type of garland would be to cut pieces that would fill up a doorway and hang them from the top of the frame for everyone to walk through. Another garland idea would be to hang them from ceiling to floor down a wall or you intersperse them with twisted streamers down a wall. Either way, you will create quite a nice backdrop for the party room.

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