70th Birthday Party Ideas To Create Non-Stop Milestone Party!

Fun And Fabulous 70th Birthday Party Ideas
To Help You Celebrate This Milestone Event In Celebratory Style!

Sound the alarm; someone is turning 70! You cannot let this once in a lifetime birthday go by without creating a memorable party for someone you love. You want to create a huge hoopla, so invite tons of family members and friends.


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Of course, don’t forget, "It's not about you." In the end, you should do what you believe your Birthday Honoree is really going to enjoy. Here are a few things to consider:
  • If the birthday person doesn't like to be around big crowds, keeping the party guest list small.

  • Choose a location that the honoree will enjoy.

  • Don't forget about special needs your guest of honor may have.

  • Also, keep in mind, your 70-year-old guest may get tired out quickly, so keep the party to a fairly short length.

  • For those who aren’t in the best of health, consider having friends and more distant relatives send presents and birthday cards. Then you can hold a small gathering and present the guest of honor with all the presents and cards.

You can focus on creating a 70th birthday party that really emphasizes the number 70. Another idea is to concentrate on the honoree’s interests, or you can simply use your imagination to throw a fabulous party. Here's several Adult Birthday Party Ideas you can check out. Various theme party ideas are available, including a This is Your Life Party theme. If you want to simply focus on the number 70 or the individual’s likes and interests, keep reading for some fabulous 70th birthday party ideas.


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70 INVITATIONS – On the computer, make a big, decorative “70.” Print it on card stock and then cut it out, making sure that you leave the two numbers attached. Then, place the party details on the back of the number.

REMEMBER WHEN...INVITATIONS – You can get a picture of the guest of honor when he or she was young and then make that into an invitation. On the side of the picture, you can write, “Guess Who is Turning 70?” Then put the party info on the back.

70th Birthday Party Ideas For Invitations

HOBBY INVITATIONS – If the honored guest has a favorite hobby, consider going with an invitation that focuses on that hobby, such as golfing, gardening, fishing or other hobbies. For example, if they love fishing, consider using an invitation in the shape of a fish or create an invitation that says, “Gone Fishing.”

METAMUCIL INVITATIONS – These invitations are just hilarious. Take an 8 ½” x 11: sheet of card stock and cut it into four pieces with decorative scissors. Then add the party information with calligraphy or just handwrite them in. Punch a hole in one corner and use some ribbon to tie the invitation to a small Metamucil bottle.


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If you really want to make your guest of honor feel great, make sure you give them a personalized present. They probably already have the things they want or need, so choose a gift that will touch their heart. The following are some great 70th birthday gift ideas you may want to use.

SPECIAL WISHES DVD – Get started early if you want to do this project, since it will definitely take some time. Create a DVD of guests and others who can’t attend giving personal birthday messages to the guest of honor. You can play the DVD during the party and give it to the honoree as a gift.

PERSONALIZED SCRAPBOOK – You’ll want to start this project early too so you don’t leave it all until the last minute and end up stressed out. Find photos of the birthday guest of honor from their lifetime, looking for photos that highlight special people and events. Use the photos to create a beautiful, touching scrapbook that will allow them to enjoy looking at special memories.

70th Birthday Party Ideas For Gifts

SPECIAL MEMORIES DVD – Yes, you need to start early on this gift too. You will want lots of photos of the honoree highlighting important times and people in their life. Then you can have a videographer create a special DVD or you can put together a Power Pint Presentation using the photos. This can be put on a DVD as a gift. During the party, play this DVD and have someone narrate it for something unique and special.

I LOVE YOU PAPA/GRAMMIES – The younger guests at the party can do a skit, recite a poem or sing a cute song for the guest of honor. Just make sure that you choose something special and ensure it is rehearsed before the party.

70th Birthday Party Ideas For Gifts

70 GIFTS – Whatever you decide on, make sure you give 70 of them. You can give 70 roses, 70 pieces of chocolate, etc.

Here are some fabulous Personalized Gifts For Grandpas and Personalized Gifts For Grandma that you can consider if you are looking for great gift options.


70th Birthday Party Ideas For Decorations

  • Make sure everyone knows where the party is with a cool, colorful birthday sign in your yard.

  • Turn your front door into a gift, using wrapping paper and some bows.

  • Add streamers in the colors of the party, adding them to bannisters, window frames and other places around the party area.

  • Take two colors of streamers and twist them together. Then, cover the ceiling or drape them across the room from the ceiling.

  • Use fishing net to cover the ceiling, then placing balloons in the net in the party colors.

70th Birthday Party Ideas For Decorations

  • You can also hang swirls and danglers from your ceiling. While you may not find any that actually say, “70,” you can work on color coordinating the danglers and swirls you choose. Make your own “70” to add to the mix.

  • On the wall in the main party area, hang up a bit personalized photo banner that honors the 70-year-old guest of honor.

  • Take photos of the guest of honor and have them blown up into posters. Hang them throughout the room, adding a little story to go with every photo.

  • Hang balloon bouquets throughout the area to add to the festivities.

  • Throughout the party area, you can hang up garland that says, “Happy Birthday.” You can add your own number “70” from time to time in the garland. Simply use a cool font and type “70”, printing out the numbers, laminating them, cutting them and then adding them to the garland.

70th Birthday Party Ideas For Decorations

  • As you make the centerpieces for the party, keep the person’s hobbies and interests in mind. For example, if they love gardening, try putting a big centerpiece together using flowers and greenery. For someone that loves fishing, try beginning with a tackle box and adding fishing theme items to the box for a cool centerpiece.

  • Use contrasting overlays on your tablecloths, choosing options that go with the party colors. You can also add some confetti to the tables to add to the décor.

  • Use pretty vases and add flowers to them, which will look beautiful.

  • Add a bit of ambiance to the party area with white Christmas lights.

  • Create an area for photos so everyone can enjoy having their photo taken with the guest of honor.


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Make sure you keep the games fairly subdued so the guest of honor doesn’t tire too quickly. The following are some fabulous 70th birthday game ideas you can use for a 70th birthday party.

ALL ABOUT THE GUEST OF HONOR – Come up with a list of questions that all guests can answer about the guest of honor. The person who gets the most questions right will be the winner. Some good questions include how many grandchildren they have, their birthplace, a place where he/she was raised, etc.

TRIVIA – Someone who is 70 years old is sure to know a lot of things, so consider coming up with a cool trivia game that is based on the guest of honor’s knowledge. This game will let you see if the younger generation can keep up with the older guests.

FUN BOARD GAMES – Use card tables for various board games and allow guests to play whatever game they enjoy. Only allow guests to play at each game table for 10 minutes. Some fun game ideas include dominos, scrabble, cards, checkers, chess and Chinese checkers.

NAME THAT SONG – Everyone can play this game at the same time, but you will need to put the guests in teams. Play only a few seconds of a tune. Then, the person who calls out the song’s name first will get a point for the team they are on. They can get another point if they know who the artist of the song is. Wrong answers make the team lose a point and that team cannot guess anything else on the song. If you don’t have anyone who can guess the song right away, play the song longer until someone finally guesses the song. The winter is the team that has the most points at the end of the game.

Of course, you will want to play some older music that your guest of honor may have like when he or she was young. Since a 70-year-old was probably around in the 40s, consider playing some songs from Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, Count Basie or Ella Fitzgerald. Of course, you can add some songs in from other decades as well to liven up the mix of music.

FAMILY PHOTO – Since most of the family is together, take the time to have a family photo done by a professional photographer. Have a large photo done for the honoree, framing it so they will have it as a memory from the party.

PRINTABLE GAMES - Printable games are always a fun game option that won't be too taxing on the honoree. If he/she doesn't wish to play, they will enjoy watching all of the frivolity.


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Are you looking for some great Finger Food Ideas? If so, I have an entire page that provides some tasty, delicious, fast finger foods that you can whip up in no time.

Looking for some more ideas? Here are several cool options to try if you want to make your own Edible Centerpieces.

Lastly, for some delicious Punch Recipes that will help whet your guests' whistles, here's a page that offers several options that are sure to please.

To add a little extra fun to your favorite punch, you might want to consider throwing in some Frozen Smiles Ice Cube Dentures. I'm sure they'll bring a smile to your guests and they'll keep coming back for more.


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70 CAKE - Make two cakes, one in a "7" shaped pan and the other in a "0" shaped pan. If you can't find the pans, then get your knife ready and get creative. Cut those babies out of a rectangle cake. Next you can add some frosting, topping with fondant flowers, some sprinkles, edible confetti or other decorations. You also should add a cool birthday message.

PHOTO CAKE – Find a picture from when your guest of honor was younger. Then, take it to a bakery and have them put it on the birthday cake with a great birthday message.

70th Birthday Party Ideas For Cakes

"NUGGET" CAKE – This is such a cool idea for 70th birthday cakes. The "Nugget" Birthday Cake" was created by Melissa Sagaser and is made out of Nugget candies, scrapbook papers and various craft materials. It is a fun option if you don’t want a traditional cake.

GIFT CAKE – Start out with a rectangle or square cake that is covered with some white fondant icing. Then, use fondant in a contrasting color to create a huge, pretty bow that goes on top of the cake to make it look like a gift. Make sure you add a fun birthday message.


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Here are a few favor ideas that are sure to please and serve as a reminder of one great party:
  • Personalized mint tins that have a picture of the guest of honor
  • Personalized bubbles
  • Small photos of the guest of honor in a cute, decorative frame
  • Fun candy items that were popular in the paste, such as Chick-O-Stick, Baby Ruth, Boston Baked Beans, Abba Zaba, Bit-O-Honey or Almond Roca

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