Great 60th Birthday Party Ideas For A Marvelous Milestone Birthday Bash

Fun And Fabulous 60th Birthday Party Ideas
To Help You Create A Wonderful And Special Adult Birthday Party

When someone achieves the milestone age of 60, that occurrence definitely warrants a special celebration that's lively, fun, festive, and filled with fabulous food. Get ready to roll out the red carpet and celebrate until all those Cool Cats go home.

The following ideas will help you create a big, beautiful birthday bash, or perhaps help you to jazz up your party atmosphere, or even give you an idea or two for adding a bit of glitz and glam to the room. Regardless of what you select, they're sure to put a smile on the mug of the birthday celebrant.


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78 RPM RECORD INVITES - Make an invitation to look like a 78 RPM record using black and white card stock. Put the name of a popular song for the year the person was born on the front. On the reverse side put all the party details.

PHOTO INVITE - Use a baby photo of the birthday person to create the invite. Print it out onto decorative scrapbook paper or card stock and place the party particulars on the inside or reverse side of the invitation. You can also use a childhood or teen photo instead of a baby picture.

THE BIG 6-0 INVITE - Cut the numbers 6 and 0 out of cardstock, but insure they remain attached to one another. Glitz up the edges of the front with coordinating glitter and put the party details on the reverse side.

More 60th Birthday Party Ideas For 60th Birthday Invitations

GREAT CREATIONS - Find out what great creations occurred in the celebrant's life and make a list of a few of them on the front of the invite, which can be made onto a piece of colored card stock or decorative scrapbook paper. Then in larger type put the name of the birthday person. On the reverse side, add all the party particulars.

HOT MAMA INVITES - For the more flamboyant 60-year-old to be, you might want to download a sexy cartoon of a woman with a big picture hat, fur coat, loads of jewelry, etc. and say something like one hot mama, soon to be joining the sexy 60 club. Then proceed to add the party details.


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PHOTO OF GRANDCHILDREN - Extra-large framed family photograph of all the grandchildren.

PHOTO ALBUM - Photo album done scrapbook style of the birthday honoree from childhood to the present. Start early on creating this project and be sure to invite friends and family to write little personal messages of thanks, love and blessings that can be included in the album.

LIMO OR CLASSIC CAR RIDE - If the party is being held at a location other than where the birthday person resides, rent a limo or a classic car to pick him/her up and transport to the party.

NEWSPAPER - Obtain a newspaper dated the day and year the birthday person was born. This will let the person know what other important events were going on in the world when he/she poked his/her little head into the world.

60th Birthday Gift Ideas

PHOTO ALBUM OF GRANDCHILDREN - Photo Album done scrapbook style that depicts all the grand kids at various ages.

GAG GIFT BASKET - Create a gag gift basket filled with old age items. Things like hemorrhoid cream, magnifying glass, Beano, bed pan, wrinkle cream, arthritis cream, denture cream, etc.

DVD - DVD of the celebrant's life which highlights important events and people that have crossed his or her path.

PHOTO COLLAGE - Create a poster-size photo collage of the birthday person's life and hang it on one of the main walls for all to enjoy.

CD - CD of songs from his or her hay day.


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The following ideas for 60th birthday decorations will help you to transform your party room into one that says a big celebration is going on.
  • Depending upon the size of the party room, you could create bouquets of 60 balloons each and strategically position them around the room.

  • Create a table centerpiece using candles of various heights that are contained on a silver or gold tray.

  • Place a large number 60 Mylar balloon in the party room.

  • Make or buy a keepsake birthday banner and either hang it outside over the garage door or on one of the main party room walls.

  • Download a bunch of number 60's onto card stock, cut them out, attach fishing line to them and hang from the ceiling.

  • Hang large number 60's on the walls.

More 60th Birthday Party Ideas For 60th Birthday Decorations

  • Hang various old age signs throughout the party room and bathroom. Say things like: "(Name) is as old as mold", "(Name is older than dirt", If (Name) were a horse, they'd have shot him/her by now", etc.

  • Hang a keepsake banner on a wall and have everyone sign it with a special birthday message.

  • Place yard stakes with the #60 on them throughout the front yard.

  • Add Mylar and/or helium balloons that have the #60 on them.

  • Twist streamers around the window and door frames.

  • Hang streamers around the perimeter of the room.

  • Cover the ceiling in twisted streamers to give the room real pizazz.


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A 60th birthday is the perfect opportunity to plan a wonderful celebration for a friend or loved one, complete with fun 60th birthday party games. Here are a few ideas to get you started planning the fun and games:

STEAL MY STICKER - As guests arrive, place a sticker on their back and give them an index card. As everyone mingles and visits, your guests should try to steal the stickers off of people's backs and affix them to the index card. Whoever has the most stickers when time is called shall be the winner.

STICKER ELIMINATION - As guests arrive, give them each a strip of stickers. Total number of stickers to hand out is 60. The object of the game is to place their stickers onto the guest of honor's back without him or her knowing. Once all 60 stickers have been placed, the game is over.

TRIVIA - Prior to the party, compile a list of trivia questions that relate to the decade the birthday honoree grew up in. You can come up with questions relating to songs, news items, movies, sports, TV shows, etc. Whoever answers the most questions correctly is the winner.

More 60th Birthday Party Ideas For 60th Birthday Party Games

PIN THE TOUPEE - Hang a large poster of a very bald man and have everyone try to pin the toupee on his noggin. Cut the toupees out of black or brown construction paper and use double stick tape.

BABY PHOTO ID - Have all your guests bring or send you a baby picture. Hang them up on a clothesline or lay them on a table with a number assigned to each one. Have guests write down the identity of each baby. Whoever gets the most right shall be the winner.

THE HONOREE'S LIFE - Ask questions about the honoree and have your guests write down their answers. When it comes time to see who answered what correctly, the guest of honor will provide the correct answers. Whoever answers the most questions right shall be the winner. You can ask things like, "At what age did you get your first gray hair?", "When did you get married?", "What was the first car you ever drove?", etc.

GRANNIE'S BINGO - Create Bingo cards with Over the Hill phrases and words instead of numbers. Use things like, dentures, hemorrhoid cream, Preparation H, bed pan, etc.


SHRIMP PLATTER Serve up a platter of shrimp with a large bowl of cocktail sauce.

PASTA - Serve pasta in the shape of the number 60, along with some spaghetti and Alfredo sauces.

SALAD BAR - Serve various salad options. Tossed salad with all the fixings like cucumbers, radishes, tomatoes, avocado, mushrooms, cheese, ham, turkey, croutons, etc. Also serve other salads like pasta, macaroni, fruit, potato, Waldorf, chicken, tuna, egg, etc.

More 60th Birthday Party Food Ideas

VEGGIE PLATTER & DIP Serve a tray of cut-up veggies consisting of carrots, celery sticks, cauliflower, broccoli, radishes, cherry tomatoes, and mushrooms with a dip or two. Dill dip is always a yummy option.

DELI TRAY & BREADS - Serve a platter of sliced ham, roast beef, chicken, turkey, along with various cheese options like cheddar, Monterey Jack, Pepper Jack, and have several breads available and condiments available.

DEVILED EGGS - Deviled eggs are always a welcome addition to a party.

PIZZA - No need to make this a main dish, cut the slices extra small so it serves as an appetizer/munchies type of item.


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60 CUPCAKES - Substitute 60 cupcakes served on a tiered cupcake tray in lieu of a birthday cake. Top each one off with a #60 cupcake topper.

6-0 CAKE - Bake a cake in two shaped pans that are 6 and 0. Cover with frosting or fondant and pipe out a decorative edge and flowers.

60 CAKE - Make or buy a cake and cover it with frosting or fondant using a color that coordinates with your party colors. Pipe out a decorative edge and add some candies or sprinkles to the side. Add a birthday message and top it off with a large #60 that stands up off the cake.

More 60th Birthday Party Ideas For 60th Birthday Cake Ideas

PHOTO CAKE - Take a baby picture of the honoree to a bakery and have them place it onto the cake. In the alternative, you could provide them with several photos and have them create a collage of them that represent significant events in the birthday person's life.

GIFT CAKE - Make or buy a rectangle or square cake and cover it with white fondant. Make a large bow out of a contrasting color of fondant and lay it on top of the cake. Add a birthday message, sparklers or candles, and perhaps a decorative wire star centerpiece.


CD - Create a mixed CD of the celebrant's favorite songs and make a decorative CD case with all the party date info.

POPCORN FAVOR - Create a decorative card that can be taped to a bag of microwave popcorn. Place a picture of the birthday celebrant on it, along with the birthday details, and say something like, "Thanks for Poppin' Over & Celebrating My Special Day!"

FORTUNE COOKIES - Make personalized fortune cookies that have info that pertains to the birthday person.

More 60th Birthday Party Ideas For 60th Birthday Party Favors

MINI PAIL OF CANDY - Fill mini galvanized pails with an old-fashioned candy that dates back to the honoree's hay day.

PHOTO FAVORS - Send guests on their way with a little memento to remember the guest of honor's special day. Have a bookmark made that contains a photo of the honoree, along with the birthday details on it. Other ideas would be to put the photo on a magnet or tin of mints.


Hopefully the above ideas have started your creative wheels turning and you're putting together your own fun and fabulous 60th birthday celebration.

Good Times For 60th Birthday Party Ideas

Your turn to share--turning 60 doesn't mean you're over the hill or down in the valley, it's a right of passage to have more fun in life with more abandon. If you've had the privilege of hosting a 60th birthday party, tell us all about it!

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