60th Birthday Party Cake

by Rose Sanders
(Murietta, CA)

60th Birthday Cake For Mom

60th Birthday Cake For Mom

When my mom recently turned 60, I immediately started looking for great 60th birthday party ideas. I just had to make this special for her. After all, making it to 60 is pretty impressive in my book.

I wanted everything to be perfect and since her favorite color is pink, I focused the party décor all around this color. I used decorations and paper goods in pink and white, which created a lovely party area.

Even the invitations that I sent out had pink flowers on them, announcing that my mom would soon be 60. I made sure to invite all her best friends to the celebration.

To keep the pink theme going, I decided the best way to do so was to incorporate a lot of pink into the cake. The cake not only looked great but most importantly it tasted great! I started out with a delicious raspberry cake. To decorate the cake, I started with a white background for all the pink. I added plenty of small pink flowers and a bunch of pretty pink roses as well. Since my mom has always loved butterflies, I even added a butterfly to the cake. Notice, I also added her age to the cake, but you wouldn’t have to do that if you’re making a cake for someone a little self conscious about growing older.

Apparently my search for 60th birthday party ideas paid off, since everyone had a great time. My mom loved all the pink and enjoyed two pieces of the cake, which she never does. It was lovely to make her day a special one.

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