60s Theme Party Ideas

by Nadine
(Kansas City)

Hippie Chicks & Friends--A Blast From The Past

Hippie Chicks & Friends--A Blast From The Past

Since I was going to have some input into my party and being a 60's girl, I decided to take a trip back into my hay day and have a 60s theme party.

I helped my husband create the invitations. We decided to use some tie-dye printed cardstock as the background. We made the rest of the invite on the computer and just glued it to the tie-dye.

We also wanted the party to require that everyone wear costumes dating back to the 60's. So everyone showed up wearing bell bottoms, tie-dye t-shirts, mini skirts, go-go boots, long hair, and big glasses. I gave everyone Love Beads when they arrived. It was a hoot!

I had a lot fun putting up my 60's decorations. Some of the stuff I didn't have to buy because I'm a little bit stuck back into that era. Anyway, here's what I used. I hung lots of peace symbols all over the walls. I also hung them from the ceiling using skinny ribbons that I got from the Dollar Store. The peace symbols were all made from different colored poster board.

I hung posters of the Beatles on some of the walls and a couple of doors. I got a bit creative and made strings of daisies and peace symbols and used them as garland. I started this project a few weeks ahead of the party and did it while watching TV.

For lighting I used lava lamps and I burned incense and candles throughout the night.

I covered the dining room table with a piece of tie-dyed fabric. I used old record albums as "hot plates" to serve the various dishes on. I also created a floral centerpiece for my table and made some picks to stick into it that had peace symbols on them.

Decorating cakes isn't my thing so I ordered up my cake to be tie-dyed inside and out and had the bakery put a big peace symbol on the top of it.

Everyone had a blast and we all reminisced about the good old days. There were a lot of remember whens going on the whole night. It was a great time and a wonderful birthday!

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