Great 50th Birthday Party Ideas

Fun And Fabulous 50th Birthday Party Ideas
To Help You Plan A Super 50th Birthday Party Theme

To give guests the 50th birthday party theme of their dreams, you'll want to think about what your honoree enjoys most. For example, is their idea of a good time equate to getting all dressed up? Or perhaps they enjoy being the center of attention and would like a This Is Your Life type of a party. Maybe they would rather kick back western style. Whatever you determine to be the 50th birthday theme of their dreams, just be sure to start your planning early.

Here are several Adult Birthday Party Ideas for you to consider, which includes a This Is Your Life Party, a Black And White Party, and Western Party, just to mention a few options. If you're more interested in focusing on the number 50 or the birthday person's likes and interests, read on for some 50th birthday party ideas.


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Entice guests to attend the celebration of the year with some fun invites. Be sure to include RSVP info and if you're planning a surprise, you might want guests to say Yeah or Nay to an email to avoid the honoree becoming suspicious. Here are a few 50th birthday party ideas to help get you started:

GOLDEN 50 INVITES - Print the invites out onto gold paper or opt to write them out using calligraphy and a gold metallic marker.

OLD AGE INVITES - Print out a picture of the honoree and add a fun quote that takes a jab at old. Here are a few birthday sayings to get you thinking:
  • I'm not 50, I'm 49.95, plus tax.

  • 40 is the old age of youth; 50 is the youth of old age.

  • Happy 20th anniversary of your 30th birthday.

  • Don't worry about avoiding temptation. As you grow older, it will avoid you.

  • Inside every older person is a younger person wondering what the heck happened.

50th Birthday Invitation Ideas

50TH BIRTHDAY INVITATIONS - Create a decorative number "50" on the computer and print it out onto card stock. Cut it out so that the "5" and "0" stay attached. Write out all your party info on the back and embellish the front with stick-on jewels, glitter, etc.

PHOTO INVITATIONS - Download a baby, childhood, or a current photo of the birthday person onto card stock or decorative paper. Depending upon the theme, print it out in color or black and white. Either way, it is sure to be a keepsake.


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Don't let that friend or loved one turn 50 without honoring them with a "special" gift. You can opt for personal, humorous, or a handmade keepsake to make this milestone birthday an exceptional celebration. Here are a few 50th birthday party ideas to help get you thinking:

SPECIAL CD - Create a CD that contains their favorite songs from the various decades of their life. This will take a little doing and starting early to accomplish in order to not get them wondering why you're asking so many questions. Find out their favorites and they can enjoy a lot of "remember when's" as they listen to it.

DREAM TO DO - If you know of something spectacular your up and coming 50-year-old has always wanted to do, book it for them and get them to step up to the plate. For example, my sister-in-law always wanted to parachute out of a plane and she did so on her 50th. Perhaps a parachute jump isn't in order, but maybe a balloon flight might do. If possible, make the trip for two, as it will be more enjoyable this way.

SPA DAY FOR THE MAN IN YOUR LIFE - Give him the gift of a massage, manicure, pedicure, facial, and/or an old-fashioned barbershop shave.

SPA DAY FOR THE WOMAN IN YOUR LIFE - Just about every woman enjoys a day at the spa. Indulge her with massage, facial, manicure, pedicure, haircut, color and style.

50th Birthday Gift Ideas

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PHOTO ALBUM - Create a keepsake photo album. Start by selecting 50 photos that span the life of the birthday recipient and arrange them in scrapbook album style with fun quips by the photos.

COLLAGE - Select 50 photos of the birthday person to use in creating the collage. If you can get your hands on photos that hold special meaning to the recipient, all the better. This will make your gift a true keepsake.

GAG GIFTS - For the honoree who is willing to take one for the team and can handle a fun jab at getting older, put together an old-age basket. Start with a bed pan and fill it up with all the "essentials: for aging gracefully. Things like denture adhesive, adult diapers. hearing aid, Rolaids, Tums, Metamucil, Preparation H, etc.

BIG BOY TOYS & GAMES - We all have visions of things come to mind when we think of big boy toys, however, many girls enjoy them thar big boy toys too. Here's some ideas to give your thrill-seeking 50-year-old a little extra kick:
  • If you live somewhere like Arizona, you can get a gift certificate to allow your big boy or girl to shoot a machine gun. Way too much fun.

  • Parasailing - Wee Ha!

  • Fly on a glider

  • Deep sea fishing trip

  • Flying lesson

  • Big game hunting trip

  • Drive a race car

  • For you military enthusiasts, drive a tank over a car.

  • A day at the range shooting glocks, Beretta, ruggers, or whatever floats your boat.

  • A day of golf at a premier course.

  • Tickets to a play, concert, or professional sporting event.

If you're looking for some more 50th birthday party ideas, here are some Women Birthday Gift Ideas or some Male Birthday Gift Ideas then here are some options to check out.


If you're looking for some fun 50th birthday party ideas to decorate your party area, here are a few to consider incorporating into your soiree:

  • Let everyone know the party's location by hiring a lawn ornament company to decorate the front yard with birthday signs and decor. When all is said and done, they return and clean it all up.

  • If you don't go with a lawn decorating company, then you can create the fun yourself. Place some birthday signs in the yard. Staple poster board to yard stakes that have extra-large number 50's on them or that say Happy, 50th, Birthday, (Name) (each word on a separate sign).

  • Hang a large birthday banner along the roof line to span the width of the garage. Get passers-by involved and have the sign say, "Honk, It's My Birthday."

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  • Frame your windows and doorways with colorful streamers in keeping with your party colors.

  • You can also opt to let the streamers hang freely in the doorways.

  • Accent corners of the room with bouquets of balloons.

  • If you have high ceilings, hang balloons from fishing line at various heights off the ceiling.

  • For a smashing effect, cover the ceiling with twisted streamers of two or three different colors.

  • Be sure to accent the room with Mylar's and helium balloons that reflect the number 50. You can also add some "Over the Hill" balloons if it is appropriate to your theme and recipient.

  • If you're hosting a surprise party and are willing to create a bit of a mess for a shocking good time, then greet the recipient with everyone waiving and/or blowing noisemakers and throwing confetti.

  • If you would like a little mood lighting, string some white Christmas light around the perimeter of the room, in artificial trees and/or plants, and frame doorways and windows with them.

  • Make the dining/serving tables special by covering them with colorful tablecloths and contrasting runners that coordinate with your chosen party ware theme.

  • Toss some confetti onto the tabletops to give them a little more of a festive appearance.

  • Add a centerpiece to create a focal point and attach a bouquet of balloons to it.

  • You could designate a "special" chair for the birthday person that is decorated accordance with the theme. For example, cover the chair with velvet or some other fabric, tie a big bow to the back, tie a bouquet of balloons to the chair, etc.

  • You might consider having the birthday person wear a "special" hat that will make them stand out in the crowd. For example, it could be a funny, outrageously huge hat that looks ridiculous.

  • Place a "special" sign on the birthday person's back and/or chest to further point out the guest of honor.


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If you're hosting an outdoor party and space permits, you might consider setting up several party game areas for people to pick and choose their activities. Here's a few tried and true 50th birthday party ideas for games to consider:
  • Bocci ball

  • Horseshoes

  • Frisbee

  • Lawn Darts

  • Croquet

  • Volleyball

  • Badminton

  • Paddle ball

  • Board games like checkers, chess, dominos, cribbage, cards, etc.

If you are interested in some organized options that involves the whole gang at one time, here are some 50th birthday party ideas for games to help get you started:

CHARADES - You can play traditional charades where teams try to guess the word, phrase or movie title being acted out or opt to create your own version. Use the birthday honoree as the basis for the game. For example, if he/she has a favorite catch phrase, a favorite movie or TV show, anything that is specific to him/her.

WHO AM I - This is a great ice breaker game to get guests talking with one another. As they arrive, tape the name of a famous individual on their back without them knowing the identity of that name. Everyone must ask one another yes/no questions to assist them in determining the identity of the name. Question examples: Am I woman? Am I singer? Have I ever been married?

50th Birthday Games

PEOPLE BINGO - Customize a Bingo game by filling in the squares with things that pertain to the honoree. Examples: Played college basketball, has a tattoo, is afraid of spiders, etc.

ASK ME ABOUT... - This is another good ice breaker game. Prior to the party create a stack of tags that say, "Ask me about..." and then add a topic on each one. For example, "Ask me about..." my senior prom, my boss, the worst date I ever had, my first kiss, etc. As guests arrive, allow them to pick out a tag to wear.

PARTY BOARD GAMES - Things like Catch Phrase, Taboo, Trivial Pursuit, Bunco, etc.


Here's some great 50th birthday party ideas for food to consider:

POTLUCK - This gets everyone involved and spreads the burden of serving around to all.

FINGER FOODS - Serve up trays of deli meats and cheese, trays of shrimp and cocktail sauce, and chips and dips.

BBQ - Just about everyone loves a good BBQ and the options are just about endless. You can go with super simple and inexpensive and serve hotdogs and hamburgers, along with French fries and cold side salads.

If you want to step it up a notch, serve chicken or tri-tip, or go for the gusto and serve steak. Then all you need to do is add some side salads, corn on the cob, beans, and garlic bread.

FOOD BAR OPTIONS - Make a food bar to coincide with the honoree's favorite foods. Serve all the various condiments, toppings, and ingredients available to create a potato bar, taco bar, pizza bar, etc.


Don't settle for some half-baked ideas when it comes time to create that special 50th birthday cake. If you're thinking of making it yourself, here are a few simple 50th birthday party ideas for cakes that might spark your interest:

50 CAKE - Bake your cake using pans that are in the shape of a 5 and 0. In the alternative, bake a sheet cake and cut the number shapes out of the take using a 5 and 0 template. Cover them in frosting or fondant and pipe out a decorative edge and perhaps a few flowers on top.

50 CUPCAKES - Make 50 cupcakes and cover the top with piped out frosting. In the alternative, you could buy ready-mades. Arrange the cupcakes on a tiered plate crowning each one with a candle in a decorative holder.

CAKE & CUPCAKE COMBO - Make a round cake and cover it with fondant or frosting. Add a birthday message in a contrasting color with an extra-large number 50 in the center. Make 49 cupcakes and frost them in the color you have selected for the message. Pipe out the number 50 on each of the cupcakes in a contrasting color and arrange them around the large cake. Place a candle in each cupcake and in the center of the cake. Good luck in blowing that all out in one fail swoop.

50th Birthday Cake Ideas

GIANT CUPCAKE - Make one of those giant cupcakes and pipe out the frosting to cover the top. Decorate with pieces of candies and add a birthday greeting.

GOLDEN DELIGHT - People usher in a 50th anniversary with gifts of gold. Why not take that concept and usher in your special birthday recipient in the same fashion. Make or buy a cake and decorate it with edible gold sprinkles, glitter, confetti, and top it off with a gold fondant bow, candles, or sparklers.

SHEET CAKE - Make or buy a sheet cake, add an appropriate birthday message with an emphasis on the BIG 5-0, and top it off with sparklers instead of candles.


To keep your 50th birthday party theme memorable for your guests, you might consider giving out some kind of personalized party favors that tie into the birthday honoree. Here are a few 50th birthday party ideas for favors to consider:
  • Candy bars with a birthday message

  • Customized playing cards with pictures of the honoree

  • Personalized mint tin

  • Personalized fortune cookies

  • Personalized music CD's

Half Century, aka 50th Birthday Party Ideas

Have you every thrown a party for someone turning 50? If you have or you have some ideas that you think would be fun and entertaining, please let us all know how to make the party a great one.

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