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Fun And Fabulous 4th Of July Party Games
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Whether you'll be celebrating the birth of America on July 4th or that of a friend or relative who happened to be born on that day, you'll probably want to entertain everyone with some fun 4th of July games and activities. To start your game wheels turning we've put together some fun options that have a 4th of July flavor and are great for various ages.


FIREWORKS – If you are allowed to use fireworks in your area, have fun shooting off some fireworks at the party, putting on a great party show with rockets, repeating aerial displays and fun shells. For the younger kids, you will want to have smokes, fountains, poppers and sparklers for the kids to enjoy.

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WATER GUNS & SUPER SOAKERS - Invite your guests to bring all of their water guns and Super Soakers and let them cut loose. If you're looking for a more organized game, divide everyone into teams and let them play, as they would laser tag or paintball. If they are shot, they are out or down for the count of 10 or 20 and then back in the game. Obviously, their absence will make it tougher on their teammates.

4th Of July Party Games

WATER BALLOONS & WATER BALLS - Divide your group into teams and give each team plenty of water balloons or water balls with tubs of water for refills. Whichever team stays the driest shall be the winners.

FLAG RELAY - Divide everyone into two teams. For each team, place a bucket of sand filled with small American flags (1 per teammate) on the far side of the yard. On "Go!," the first person from each team races to their bucket, grabs a flag, and marches, as quickly as possible, back to their team (no running allowed). The game continues in the same fashion. Whichever team has all of their teammates, with flags in hand return to the starting line shall be the winners.

4th Of July Party Games

RED, WHITE, & BLUE FLAG TAG - Give everyone a red, white or blue strip of fabric and have them tuck it into the waist of their pants or into a back pocket. On "Go!", everyone runs around and tries to grab each other's flags. Whoever has the most flags at the end of the allotted time shall be the winner. You can either eliminate each person who loses their flag or allow them to continue to play. Once they obtain another flag, they must place it in their waist or back pocket. If they have more than one flag, if they happen to lose a flag, then they must put one of their "extra" flags into their pocket or waist of their pants.

EGG & SPOON RELAY – Start by dividing up the group into several teams. Teams should be given a bowl of raw eggs and a wooden spoon. Have someone start the race with the word, “GO!” and then the first person on every team will pick up an egg, place it on the spoon and start running or walking to the finish line and then all the way back to the team. There should be no touching of the egg. Then, the spoon and the egg are given to the next person, and the game keeps going. If an egg is dropped, then the person loses their turn and the team loses a point. For each person that completes the run successfully, the team receives one point. The team with the most points and that finishes the race first wins the game.

4th Of July Party Games

NAME IT! RED, WHITE & BLUE - Have everyone sit in a circle. The first person names something that is red (apple), the next person names something that is white (snowflake), and the last person names something that is blue (sky). The game continues in this fashion. Items named cannot be repeated and a person can't take longer than 5 seconds to come up with their item. If either of these infractions occur, that person is out. Game continues until only one person remains.

GATHER IT! RED, WHITE & BLUE - Give everyone a red, white, or blue poker chip. On "Go!," the kids run around tagging one another. When someone is tagged they must give up their chip to the person who tagged them. Whoever collects one red, white, and blue chip first shall be the winner.


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SACK RACE – Divide the guests into several teams. The person going first on every team should place their feet in a burlap sack. Then, they have to hop to the finish line and then back to the team. Then, they need to exit the sack and give it to the next person. The next person on the team does the same thing. The team to have all of their team finish the race will win the game. Remember, the feet must stay in the sack at all times and at least one hand needs to be touching the sack. Also, the sack can’t fall below the knee level.

3-LEGED RACE - Divide your guests into teams of two and give each team one burlap sack. Teammates shall stand side-by-side and place the leg closest to the other teammate into the sack. On "Go!", the teams race to the finish line and the first one to arrive is the winner.

4th Of July Party Games

WHEELBARROW RACE - Divide your guests into teams of two and have one person from each team get down on all fours (the wheelbarrow) and the other person (the driver) hold on to the wheelbarrow's ankles. On "Go!", the teams "walk" to the finish line on the hands, with the feet being held up. The first team to cross the finish line shall be the winners.

BACKWARDS RACE - Divide your guests into teams. On "Go!", the first person of each team walks/runs backwards, while glancing over their shoulders to see where they are going, to the finish line and then runs back to their teammates. The relay continues with the next teammate repeating the above. Whichever teams gets through all of their teammates first are the winners.

PATRIOTIC STAR PINATA - Wrap a bat with streamers in red, white and blue, then tie curling ribbons around the very bottom. Each child should be blindfolded and then should have a chance to hit the piñata.


Now that you have a few ideas for some games, if you're throwing 4th Of July Birthdays, here are some great ideas for July 4th themed invitations, decorations, party food ideas, favors, and more, with a birthday twist! These ideas could also easily work for a July 4th theme party, or a 4th of July family get together.

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