4th Of July Birthdays - It's More Then Just Fireworks!

Fun And Fabulous Ideas For 4th Of July Birthdays
An All-American Success Story!

To be sure your party goes off with a bang, here are some festive ideas to insure that the sparks will fly! Whether you're celebrating a friend or loved one's July 4th birthday or going all out for America's birthday, we've got some patriotic ideas to help you create a sizzlin' success!


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FLAG INVITATIONS #1 - Make little flags out of red, white, and blue card stock. Write all of your party details on the back.

FLAG INVITATIONS #2 - Using decorative scissors, cut out a piece of 4th of July theme scrapbook paper into four pieces. Type or write all of your party details, laminate, hole-punch the upper left-hand corner, run red, white, and blue curling ribbons through the hole and tie to mini American flags.

UNCLE SAM HAT INVITATIONS - Make an Uncle Sam top hat out of red, white, and blue card stock. Decorate the brim with glitter to coordinate with the color you select for the brim. Put all your party details on the back.

FIRECRACKER INVITATIONS - Cut out rectangles from red card stock. Glue a piece of silver tinsel garland to the top to create the "flame". Put your party details on the back.

HOT DOG INVITATIONS - Make a hot dog out of reddish-brown card stock and a hot dog bun out of tan card stock. Put a yellow zigzag down the center of the dog for mustard. Write, "Come To My July 4th Birthday Party" on the bun. On the reverse side, put all your party details.

SPARKLER INVITATIONS - Using decorative scissors, cut out a piece of 4th of July theme scrapbook paper into four pieces. Type or write all of your party details, laminate, hole-punch the upper left-hand corner, run red, white, and blue curling ribbons through the hole, tie to a sparkler and hand-deliver your invites.

WATERMELON INVITATIONS - Create watermelon invitations using red, black, and green card stock. For 4th of July birthdays, be sure to put something like, "Come To My 4th Of July Birthday Party" on the front and your party details on the back.


Invite your guests to come dressed in their All-American best. Of course, red, white, and blue will be the goal for most costumes. here's a few ideas to get you started: Captain America, sailor, Uncle Sam, Statute of Liberty, Abe Lincoln, American Revolutionary, Betsy Ross, Colonial man, woman, or child, and Patriot Boy.

Turn your guests into patriotic officiatos. Give them any combination of red, white, and blue patriotic vests, top hats, beads, star or LED sunglasses, and tattoos.


Red, white and blue are definitely the colors of the day. You can also add silver for a metallic-looking accent.

  • Attach red, white and blue balloons to your mailbox or a tree branch to help people in locating the party house.

  • Line your walkway with red, white, and blue stars and stripe pennant flags.

  • Place a festive sign in your yard to alert your guests of the party location. Better yet, shout out your patriotism with a USA Yard Sign.

  • Put patriotic window clings on your windows to not only let everyone know that you are proud to be an American, but that the 4th of July birthdays or party is at this house.

  • Place a fun theme arch in your yard or in your party room to create a photo op area. All you have to do is add red, white and blue!

  • Hang red, white and blue bunting garland around your ceiling.

  • Cover your walls with patriotic decorating paper or patterned corrugated flat paper.

  • Hang patriotic garland around door frames, windows, and bannisters.

  • Hang red, white and blue lights throughout your party room.

  • Cover your ceiling with red, white and blue streamers.

  • Cover cardboard stars with red, white, blue, or silver paper and hang from the ceiling using fishing line. You can also use patriotic ceiling danglers.

  • Add clusters of patriotic colored balloons and star-shaped balloons in the corners of your party rooms.

  • For instant transformation of a room, use red, white and blue gossamer. It's my favorite party decor item. Cover your walls, ceilings, floors, tables, and whatever you can find to give it the look of the good ole' USA.

  • Cover your walls with various sized American flags, stars, and USA cutouts or use one large flag on your main party room wall as a focal point.

  • Hang red, white and blue streamers in your doorways.

  • Hang an American flag banner on a wall and add a birthday greeting.

  • Add patriotic table skirts (red, white and blue) around the bottom of your tables.

  • Be sure to adorn your tabletops with some fun red, white and blue party ware.

  • Sprinkle patriotic star confetti on your tabletops.

  • Use metallic red, white and blue foil star bursts to accent tables.

  • Keep your drinks cold in an inflatable patriotic cooler.


We've either created or gathered together several fun games and activities that are suitable for various ages and appropriate for a variety of 4th of July parties, including 4th of July birthdays. Here's an entire page with nothing but the following 4th Of July Party Games:

  • Fireworks

  • Water Guns & Super Soakers

  • Water Balloons & Water Balls

  • Flag Relay

  • Red, White, & Blue Flag Tag

  • Egg & Spoon Relay

  • Name It! Red, White & Blue

  • Gather It! Red, White, & Blue

  • Sack Race

  • 3-Legged Race

  • Wheelbarrow Race

  • Backwards Race

  • Patriotic Pinata


As we celebrate the 4th of July birthdays and America's birthday, you might want to opt for serving some good ole' All-American favorites.

  • Deviled eggs

  • BBQ chicken

  • Kielbasa sausage

  • Tri-Tip

  • Ribs

  • Kebobs

  • Potato salad

  • Macaroni salad

  • Pot of beans

  • Corn on the cob

  • Chips and dips

  • Watermelon

  • Ice Tea

  • Lemonade

  • Apple pie and vanilla ice cream

Turn your food into fun centerpieces.

FRUIT FLOWERS - Cut watermelon and pineapple into a flower shapes using flower-shaped cookie cutters. Cut out a small hole in the center of your flowers and fill it up with a grape, blueberry, or raspberry. Cut kiwi into slices and have strawberries available. Insert bamboo sticks into your flowers, kiwi slices, and strawberries. Insert sticks into floral foam that is a patriotic container.

For any bite-sized appetizers, be sure to insert American Flags food picks or red, white and blue picks to keep your theme flowing and make for easy pick-up without grubby little fingers touching everything.


UNCLE SAM CAKE - Here's a great Uncle Sam cake that would be perfect for a July 4th theme party or for 4th of July birthdays. Just add the appropriate "Happy 4th of July birthday" greeting.

uncle sam cake
Photo courtesy of: Wilton
FLAG CAKE - Make your favorite cake recipe in a large rectangular pan. Cover it with Cool Whip. Decorate with blueberries and strawberries to create the flag pattern.

FIREWORKS CAKE - Make or buy a cake and frost it white. Airbrush the top of the cake blue, allowing some of the white to peak through in places. Add fondant "firecrackers" that are red with black frosting piped out at the bottom for the "smoke". Add a "Happy 4th of July Birthdays" message. For added fun, as long as appropriate adult supervision is present, top it off with a few sparklers.

STAR-SHAPED CAKE - Make your favorite cake in a star-shaped cake pan and frost it white. Pipe on red and blue frosting in a flag pattern.

RED, WHITE & BLUE CAKE - Make a two-tiered cake and cover it with white fondant. Place red and blue fondant stripes on the bottom layer and red and blue fondant stars on the top layer. Glue mini flags or stars on bamboo sticks and place in the center of the cake.

RED, WHITE & BLUE CUPCAKES - Make white cupcakes in patriotic printed cupcake holders. Frost them white and top with red and blue sprinkles and a mini flag on a toothpick.


Fill patriotic cellophane bags with any combination of sparklers, "USA" jeweled tattoo, patriotic bubbles, American lei, patriotic glitter funtoos or stickers, red, white, and blue glow necklaces, party poppers, patriotic sunglasses, key ring, or bandana. You could also opt for the all-American Tiddlywinks or Jacks.


Just in case you're still on the hunt for some more 4th of July Party Ideas, here's several ideas to check out. There are lots of options and ideas for creating invitations, decorations, party food, favors, and games.

Share Your Sizzling Ideas For A 4th Of July Birthday!

If red, white & blue means more to you than our freedom because there's someone special in your life who was hatched on that day, then share your party ideas for making it an unforgettable party!

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