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Fun And Fabulous 30th Birthday Party Ideas
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A 30th birthday marks the passage of a significant decade. Why not throw yourself a birthday bash that everyone is sure to remember, or perhaps you're thinking of hosting a party for a friend or loved one who is about to hit the big 3-0. Either way, we've got you covered with some super ideas for a 30th birthday.

First off, if you're interested in hosting a 30th birthday party that has a theme, here are some excellent Adult Birthday Party Ideas to check out. You'll find some great Over The Hill Party Ideas, as well as tips for a This Is Your Life Party, along with many other fun and popular themed celebrations from which to select.

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If you would like to focus on the number 30, then keep reading. The following 30th birthday party ideas will help get you started planning that labor of love.

First of all, you'll need to think about where to host the party--at your home, someone else's house, a restaurant's event room, or perhaps you're planning a big ole birthday bash, then you might want to opt to rent a local community center.


PHOTO INVITES - A tried and true option would be to use a baby picture of the birthday person to go on the front of the invite. Add all the party details on the back.

#30 INVITES - Create a large number 30 out of cardstock. Be sure the 3 and 0 are attached. Be sure to jazz up and decorate the front and put all the party info on the back.

TICKET INVITES - Make the invite to look like a VIP admission ticket starring, of course--the birthday person!

PUZZLE INVITES - Buy small 10-20 piece puzzles that are blank, write out all the party details, separate out the puzzle pieces, put them into an envelope and mail or hand-deliver.

Be sure to have fun with the words on your invites like flirty and thirty or this little birdie is turning thirty.


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SCRAPBOOK - Create a memorable scrapbook which contains various photos, clippings, postcards, and memorabilia that relates to the last 30 years of the birthday person's life. This is a gift that is "priceless" and will be enjoyed for years to come.

MOVIE MEMORIES - Another labor of love is to create a movie of the last 30 years, which can contain footage of various important events in a person's life, along with some funny and/or embarrassing things that occurred. If possible, include clips that bring in the guests from whence they came. You'll probably have several requests for a copy of the movie, so you might want to have some extras on hand.

PERSONALIZED MAGAZINE COVER - Have the birthday person's "beautiful" mug printed out as a magazine cover that pokes fun at their turning 30.

More 30th Birthday Party Ideas For Gifts

CANDY BAR CAKE - Cover a large round piece of Styrofoam with the birthday person's favorite candy bars. Top it off with number 30 candles and coordinating ribbons. Attach a birthday Mylar or two.

FLOWER CAKE - Cover a large round piece of florist foam with the birthday person's favorite flowers. Be sure to wet the foam for easy insertion and to keep the flowers alive. Top it off with some number 30 candles and a decorative ribbon. Attach a small bouquet of birthday balloons.

Here are some wonderful gift options to check out, whether you are looking for great Male Birthday Gift Ideas or fabulous Women Birthday Gift Ideas.


Look around your party area and determine where you need to add a splash of color so you can bring to life a boring, ho-hum area. Just look to your party ware and accentuate those colors throughout the room with various decorations. Here are a few ideas, sure to make a splash for that upcoming 30th birthday bash.
  • Let neighbors know there's a 30th birthday going down by lining the walkway with yard stakes that have large photos of the birthday person attached to them.

  • Blow-up various photos of the birthday person from birth to the present and hang them around the party room or create a large collage and make it a focal point on a wall.

  • Create bouquets of 30 small balloons and place them throughout the party area.

  • Hang 30 balloons from the ceiling at various heights using fishing line.

  • Another fun balloon idea would be to create a large number 30 out of wire and attach balloons to it to create a fantabulous focal point.

More 30th Birthday Party Ideas For Decorations

  • Hang lots of streamers in the party area to give it a festive look. For example, twist them around door and window frames and have them hang freely in the actual doorways and archways.

  • To give your party room extra wow-factor, cover the entire ceiling with twisted streamers. Be sure to start this little project a day or two before the party or you will be sorry, as it does take some time to accomplish this task, but ever so worth it.

  • You can also hang strands of white Christmas lights or perhaps strands of lights that coordinate with your party colors throughout the room for a little light ambiance.

  • Hang a fun birthday banner on one of the walls to "roast" the birthday person or create a keepsake banner that allows for all the guests to write out a special birthday message.

  • Cover your tables in coordinating table covers and accent them with confetti and a fun centerpiece.


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ICEBREAKER GAME - Ask guests to think of an interesting fact about their life and let you know at the same time they RSVP. Then type out all of these details onto a piece of paper and give it to your guests as they arrive. As they mingle, have them ask one another questions to try and determine which fact belongs to which person. Whoever has the most answers correct within the allotted time shall be the winner.

SCAVENGER HUNT - One is never too old for a good old-fashioned scavenger hunt. Break the guests into teams and have them go on the hunt for 30 items.

BIRTHDAY PERSON TRIVIA - Just about everyone loves a round or two of trivia. Turn the tables on the birthday person and make it all about them. Ask a personal question that he or she will answer after the guests write down what they think he or she will say.

30th Birthday Games

NAME THAT TUNE - Create a CD containing 30 songs, one from each year that the birthday person has been alive. Separate guests into teams and give them each a bell to ring. Start by playing a song that was popular during the birth year of the honoree and work up to the present year. Whoever rings in and guesses the correct song first receives one point. Whichever team has the most points are the winners.

HOST A ROAST - Nothing makes a person feel loved like a good old-fashion roast. Just be sure to let guests know ahead of time so they can put their thinking caps on and come up with some good stories.

KARAOKE - Be sure to hire an interesting DJ to keep things moving along in a fun way. Also, you'll want to have plenty of music from which to select so your guests can sing their hearts out, and the karaoke equipment is the only other thing you will need. This is always a fun activity as guests begin to belt out their favorite song and experience their 15 minutes of fame.


You'll want to be sure to have plenty of food to keep all your guests munching their way through the party. There are lots of great options from which to select. Here are just a few ideas to consider:
  • Deli meat and cheese platter with various breads and crackers.

  • BBQ hot dogs, hamburgers, grill some chicken or go all out with tri-tip or steaks.

  • Make it easy on yourself and bring in the food. Pizza, sub sandwiches or KFC are all yummy options.

  • Taco bar with all the fixins.

  • Baked potato bar with lots of yummy topping options.

  • Chicken drumsticks and dipping sauces.

  • Get everyone involved and have a potluck.

  • Make ahead casseroles with side salads.

  • Spaghetti, meatballs, salad, and garlic bread.

  • Veggie platter with dips.

  • Cut-up fruit.

  • Chips, salsa, guacamole, or other dips.


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Here are a few 30th birthday party ideas for cakes to help get you thinking about what you might like to create or have created:

30-SHAPED CAKE - You will need to use two cake pans. One the number 3 and the other a number 0. For a casual kind of a cake, cover it with frosting and pipe out the edges using a decorative tip. If you would like a more "professional" looking cake, start by covering it with fondant. Then add some sugar art decor. You can also add fondant decor of stripes or dots for added fun and interest.

HAT CAKE - Make two round cakes, one larger than the first. Cover them both in fondant. Set the smaller cake on top of the larger one to create the "hat." Decorate the hat band area with a strand of pearls, ribbon and/or marabou. Decorate the hat with some tiny sugar art flowers or fondant flowers to the hat. Top it off with number 30 candles.

TRADITIONAL BIRTHDAY CAKE - You could make or buy a sheet cake and top it off with 30 long skinny candles or use regular length candles but insert them only around the edge and do so at an angle to give it a fun glow. Add a big number 30 made out of fondant, top with tiny candies and some curling ribbons on the sides of the cake to add something special.

30th Birthday Cake Ideas

PHOTO CAKE - Take a baby picture of the birthday person to a bakery and have them put the photo onto a cake. You can also create a tic-tac-toe of 9 photos that represent significant events in a person's life.

BIRTHDAY CUPCAKES - Make or buy cupcakes and top them off with the number 30, which has been created from fondant or piped out of frosting.

HOBBY CAKE - Make a cake to coincide with the recipient's hobby or interest. Examples: a golfing theme, bicycle, sport, motorcycle, quilting, etc.


A fun personalized favor that will serve as a special remembrance for your guests is a perfect choice. Here are a few ideas for some 30th birthday favors to consider:
  • A mint tin that has a younger photo of the guest of honor would be a nice touch. Even better would be if you could give each guest a tin of mints that contains a photo of themselves at a younger age.

  • Take the above concept and transfer it to a key ring.

  • The photo idea also works great on a personalized candy wrapper.

Your Great 30th Birthday Party Ideas

Know of some great ways to celebrate a 30th birthday or create a one-of-a-kind party? Please take a moment or two to share. Thanks!

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