3 Great Games For Those 5-Year-Olds

by Sharon O'Connor
(Salt Lake City, UT)

Colorful Daisy Pillows - Perfect For Musical Pillow Game!

Colorful Daisy Pillows - Perfect For Musical Pillow Game!

Pass the Balloon

Have all your kids sit down on the floor in a circle. Then give one child a balloon. While you are playing some cool kid music, have the kids start passing the balloon to one another. When the music stops, whoever is holding the balloon must sit on it, pop it, and shall be out of the game. The game continues until only one child remains who shall be the winner.

Musical Pillows

Gather up all the various pillows in your house and then put them on the floor into a circle. Then have all the kids walk around them while you play music. When the music stops, they must all race to sit on a pillow. Whoever fails to find a pillow to sit on shall be out of the game. The game continues until only child remains in the game who shall be the winner.

Both Pass the Balloon and Musical Pillows are great games for 5 year olds. They will surely have the kids giggling in no time at all and having a terrific time at your party. Seeing these fun children’s party game ideas made me think of some other exciting games that younger kids are sure to enjoy.

Hide & Seek With Twist

Hide and Seek with a Twist is a fun game that 5 year olds will enjoy. You might want to try it out at your child’s next party. Instead of having everyone hide and one person look for all the kids hiding, you have one kid hide and everyone goes looking for them. This means that the one hiding will really have to come up with a great hiding spot. Time each round of the game to see which kid is able to stay hidden the longest without the rest of the kids finding them. Make sure you have enough time for each kid to get a chance to hide. The one who was able to stay hidden the longest wins a prize. Just make sure you make it clear that once they hide, they aren’t allowed to change hiding places.

Scavenger Hunt Options

If you are thinking that you might like to put together a little hunt for the kiddos, this is a great tool that helps you build and create Treasure Hunts at Riddleme.com
Fun Scavenger Hunt Clues

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