2nd Birthday Invitation Ideas That Make Parties Special!

Fun And Fabulous 2nd Birthday Invitation Ideas
For Your Little Sweetie's 2nd Birthday Party!

Second birthday invitation ideas that tell the world that it's time to "Par-Tay Har-Tay!" If you’re throwing a birthday party for your 2-year-old, you definitely want to start the fun with the perfect second birthday invitation ideas. After all, your invitations give a preview of your party, giving your guests something exciting they can look forward to. It is tons of fun to make your own invitations, and it will save a few dollars too.

So, if you have decided to make your own invitations, there are a few things that you will want to consider which will help to get your thought process movin' and a groovin'. Here are some helpful tips and ideas you can use to ensure you come up with great invites that guests will appreciate.

2nd Birthday Invite Ideas For Boys

First of all, before you can begin to make a 2nd birthday invitation you'll want to think about a theme for your party. For your little guy you'll want to start thinking about what he likes most of all.

For example, does he run around the house like any particular super hero? Or perhaps he has a bit of pirate in him or maybe he's just a little bit country or rock n' roll. Of course little ones love various animals including dinosaurs, puppies and horses.

If you're preparing for a summer birthday celebration, you might want to consider a pool party. Other themes that are always a hit with 2-year-old boys are construction, farm, western, sports, car racing, airplanes, army, circus, and of course magic.

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2nd Birthday Invite Ideas For Girls

If you have a little girly girl who is about to hit the big "2", you'll probably want to turn your thoughts to consider themes like a princess or fairy party where everyone can dress up in frilly costumes. Or perhaps your little one loves to dance around on her tippy-toes like a ballerina or maybe you have an Olympic gymnast at heart. If your daughter has a bit of fish-like qualities she would probably enjoy something mermaid-related.

Some of the other themes that would make for a great 2nd birthday party for a little girl include a western theme, cupcake, Sesame Street, garden, bumble bee, butterfly, Candyland, Minnie Mouse, Dora the Explorer, or any other licensed favorite character.

Ready-Made 2nd Birthday Invitation Ideas

Making your own second birthday invitations is fun, but sometimes it’s easy to end up short on time. In this case, you will want to go with pre-made invites that will save you time so you have the time to finish planning the party. All you need is a theme and you can find many great pre-made invites that are sure to complement your theme perfectly. Below you’ll find some amazing designs to consider when you’re ready to find quality, pre-made invites for a second birthday party. All of the invites we have put together are adorable for a 2nd birthday party and they are all reasonably priced, so they’ll fit your party budget too.

If you didn't come across an invite that suits what you are trying to find, you can follow this link to some Kids Invitation Ideas. Now these invites do not specifically refer to a "second birthday", but are geared toward a child's birthday party. So if you're okay with the invite not specifically having a "2" on it, then click on over for a vast assortment of birthday party invites.


Pre-made invitations include spaces for the important party details. However, remember that you’ll need to add any special instructions to the invites. For example, if you want your little guests to show up in costumes, you’ll have to add that info yourself. Pick out the perfect invites, fill them in and then add any extra information. You will have those invitations done and sent out to your guests in a jiffy!

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