1st Birthday Party Ideas

Fun And Fabulous 1st Birthday Party Ideas To Help
You Create A Memorable First Birthday That's Extra Special!

Celebrating your little sweetie's first birthday is one of those events in a parents' life that they look forward to with anxious anticipation. It is an exciting time and it's very easy to go overboard trying to make everything perfect. Try to relax, enjoy the process and be sure to take lots of pictures!

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These 1st birthday party ideas will help you to make your baby's first birthday memorable and special, allowing you to celebrate your child’s very first birthday!

Each theme provides age-appropriate invitation ideas, decorations, party favors and games, and birthday cake ideas.

To ease your stress so you can enjoy Baby's special day, put up the party decorations and prepare the party food and favors the day before your gala event!

Keep the party short, no more than 2 hours, after Baby's nap time, so all the little ones will be happy campers!

At this age, you get to be boss and pick the theme. Enjoy, because soon Baby will be running the show!

Use a color, a favorite toy, or storybook character as the basis for your theme. To get started, click on each of the 1st birthday party ideas listed below:


airplane partyAirplane Party - Get ready for take-off and soar off into the wild blue yonder with this fun 1st birthday party theme. Up, up and away to fun!

alligator partyAlligator Party - This party is sure to have a little bite. Check out these fun alligator party ideas to see if this unique theme is for you.

alphabet partyAlphabet Party - This is a great 1st birthday theme and it's as easy as 1,2,3!!

angel party themeAngel Party Theme - If you're looking for a way to make your lil' angel smile on his or her special day, here is an adorable option to consider.

1st Birthday Party Ideas

baby einstein birthday
partyBaby Einstein Birthday Party - This is perfect for your little genius! If you're looking for a party that will provide a learning experience, along with 1st birthday party fun, then a Baby Einstein theme is a perfect choice for you.

bumble bee birthdayBumble Bee Birthday - Invite your guests to buzz on over to help you celebrate your little one's 1st Bee-Day.

cat birthday party Cat Birthday Party - For a Meow-velous 1st birthday party you might want to consider a cat theme party. It is a purr-fect choice for your little cat lovin' child.

construction party ideasConstruction Party Ideas - To help you build an unforgettable construction birthday party for your little worker's 1st birthday, click on over to construct a bunch of fun!

1st Birthday Party Ideas

1st Birthday Party Supplies

cowboy birthday partyCowboy Birthday Party - This is perfect for your little buckaroo's 1st birthday party. If you're looking for a party that will provide a rootin' tootin, boot stompin fun experience, then a cowboy birthday party theme is for you.

dinosaur partyDinosaur Party - Great 1st birthday party theme for your little T-Rex. Travel back in time and celebrate in prehistoric fashion; everyone will be roaring with excitement.

diva partyDiva Party - A diva party is an adorable option for a 1st birthday. Discover how to glam it up to create fun diva parties for your lil' diva girl!

dr seuss birthdayDr Seuss Birthday - A Dr Seuss birthday party is an adorable option for a 1st birthday. It's full of fun characters, whimsy and lots of color that is sure to please all who attend.

elephant partyElephant Party - An elephant party will make for a terrific 1st birthday. It offers many theme options as you can go with pink or blue elephants, or opt for a safari or circus theme with an emphasis on elephants.

1st Birthday Party Ideas

elmo birthday
partyElmo Birthday Party - If your little one enjoys the big red guy with his infectious giggle, then an Elmo party theme is a perfect 1st birthday choice.

fairy birthday
partyFairy Birthday Party Ideas - If you're looking to create a magical celebration, then you might want to fly on over for some fun fairy birthday party ideas for a "fairy" fun 1st birthday.

farm birthday party Farm Birthday Party - A farm birthday party is a perfect 1st birthday choice. For some fun-filled ideas to turn your home or yard into a farm that Old McDonald would be proud to occupy, click on over and start creating.

first birthday
party ideasFirst Birthday Party Ideas - Here are some general birthday party ideas that are not theme-specific, that might be the perfect 1st birthday choice.

1st Birthday Party Ideas

lil dinoJohn Deere Birthday - If your little one loves everything tractor, then you might want to consider a John Deere birthday party. And, if your little one happens to be a girl, no need to worry cuz' we've got lots of cute pink John Deere decor.

ladybug party ideasLadybug Party Ideas - Tell one, tell all to fly on over and help your little one to celebrate in ladybug style.

First Birthday Party Ideas

mickey mouse birthday Mickey Mouse Birthday - If the sight of Mickey brings giggles and glee to your child, then you might want to consider centering that all important 1st birthday around a Mickey Mouse theme.

minnie mouse birthday party Minnie Mouse Birthday Party - If you're looking for an adorable theme filled with sweetness, femininity and innocence, then this is the perfect choice for your little one's 1st birthday.

mod monkey party Monkey Theme Birthday - A Mod Monkey party or any other type of monkey party makes for a great 1st birthday party theme. To check out some ideas for this adorable theme option, click on the above link. There are lots of ideas that you'll go bananas over.

noahs ark birthday partyNoahs Ark Birthday Party - If your little one loves learning about Noah's Ark and all the animals that entered 2 by 2, then center their special day around this theme for double the fun!

1st Birthday Party Ideas

owl party Owl Party - If you're trying to think of fun animal theme birthday party options, you might want to consider an Owl Party. It's a great 1st birthday choice and of course it's one that is sure to be a hoot!

pink poodle birthday Pink Poodle Birthday - Ooh, la la! That's what one thinks when thoughts of a pink poodle birthday party dance in the mind. It's a great option for a 1st birthday. Click on the link above to check out all the fun poo-tascular ideas that a pink poodle party you can bring.

lil prince birthday partyPrince Birthday Party - Crown your lil' prince with a fabulous and splendorous fun prince birthday party theme. It's sure to be a royal success!

princess birthday party ideasPrincess Birthday Party Ideas - If your child is not only extra-special, but as feminine as they come, then what better theme to select than a princess party for your little one's 1st birthday.

First Birthday Party Ideas
puppy birthday partyPuppy Birthday Party - For a paw-fectly fabulous 1st birthday party, why not opt for a puppies party? Click on over to check out some adorable puppy party options.

rainbow themeRainbow Theme - Somewhere, over the rainbow is a great, colorful 1st birthday just waiting to happen. Here are some wonderful ideas to help you create an array of colorful fun.

rubber ducky 1st birthdayRubber Ducky 1st Birthday - If bath time is Baby's favorite time of the day, then a yellow ducky party theme is certain to make a big splash for your little one's special day!

First Birthday Party Ideas

safari theme partySafari Theme Party - If you're looking for a theme that's sure to be a roaring success, then you might want to consider a safari theme birthday.

sesame street themeSesame Street Theme - If you want to host a colorful party with fun characters and do so on the most loved street in the world, then a Sesame Street theme is the one for you!

sock monkey party Sock Monkey Party - Swing into party success by hosting a fun sock monkey birthday party theme. It's a great option for a youngster's first birthday party.

teddy bear partyTeddy Bear Party - If you're looking to give everyone a beary good time and you're baby loves his or her teddy bear, then you might to consider Baby's 1st birthday theme center around their favorite, cuddly friend. It's sure to provide a fuzzy-wuzzy great party!

whale party ideas Whale Party Ideas - For a swimmingly good time, why not opt for a whale theme party. Click on over and get ready to dive in and create an unforgettable 1st birthday party.

winnie the pooh birthday party Winnie The Pooh Birthday Party - For a beary good time on Pooh Corner, you might want to think about having a Winnie The Pooh 1st birthday party. Click on over and I'll help you create a Pooh-Tascular good time!

yo gabba gabba birthday Yo Gabba Gabba Birthday - If you love the colorful Yo Gabba Gabba crew, then you might want to consider a Yo Gabba Gabba party for your little one's 1st birthday party.


Every birthday party tells a story with a fun theme, fabulous photos and delightful decorations.

Here at Birthday-Party-Ideas-101, we work to help you create exciting, fun birthday parties by offering excellent birthday party ideas and tips, including decorations, theme ideas, favors, games, cakes food, invitations and more.

Now, why not let your ideas shine? I would love to add "Your Party Tales" to my site and create YOUR very own party page for you to share with all your friends and family. This would also allow for your fun birthday party, including all those fab party photos, to be shared with all the other site visitors. This way you would be helping others to spark an idea or two or perhaps nab your wonderful ideas and garner a bit of inspiration for their own parties.

Fork 'Em Over -- Your Fun 1st Birthday Party Ideas

Do you have some favorite ideas for a 1st birthday party? You can share anything that floats your boat--like party decor ideas, cake ideas, or anything else that's party-related!

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