1st Birthday Party Ideas - Princess Theme

by Ruby Aloc
(Salmiya, Kuwait)

Happy 1st Birthday Mica

Happy 1st Birthday Mica

If you're looking for some 1st birthday party ideas and decided to have a princess party, why not make everything pink and purple.

Make the invites in the shape of a #1 out of pink and purple cardstocks. Then stamp them with crown shape stamps, color them in, and add some glitter for a magical touch.

To save money, you might want to go with a Princess Party Pack that has the princess printed plates, cups, napkins, silverware, table cover, centerpiece, balloons, crepe paper, hats, candles, etc.

You can decorate your daughter's high chair with a big bouquet of balloons and wrap some streamers around the legs for color. Be sure to hang up lots of pink, purple and white balloons and streamers all over the party space to give it a festive feel.

Have your local bakery make a castle cake and a smash cake for your daughter to enjoy.

Make some crowns out of gold cardstock and decorate them with stick-on jewels and glitter. When it's time to take pictures of all your little guests, give them each a crown to wear. This will make an adorable photo.

Reply: Great Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

These are some wonderful 1st birthday party ideas to use for a princess themed party. In fact, reading Ruby’s ideas made me think of a few more birthday party ideas you may want to use to surprise your little princess when she turns one.

Another fun invitation idea you may want to consider for a princess party is to purchase some paper crowns, like the crowns they used to give to kids at Burger King. They are very inexpensive. Most crowns will be gold or silver on the front. Take a marker and write the party details on the back of the crown. Then, hand out the crowns as invitations to each of the guests you are inviting.

Have fun carrying the princess theme on with the cake as well. One of the best cake ideas is to purchase a castle birthday cake or try making one yourself. You could also try making a cake in the shape of a crown and decorating it to look like a bedazzled crown for your little princess.

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