Fun 1st Birthday Party Games For A Great First Birthday Party

Fun And Fabulous 1st Birthday Party Games
To Entertain And Help Keep Those Little Ones Occupied!

If you've been clicking around on various sites looking for some fun games that would be perfect for your little tykes, I have put together an assortment of options that would be perfect for a 1st birthday party. They will help make your party more memorable for your little 1-year old guests--okay, not the babies but for the mommies and daddies. Parents will enjoy spending time with their little ones as they watch them experience, explore, and learn.


BEACH BALL GAME – Find some beach balls for this game. You’ll need a total of six beach balls, but three should be one color or style and the other three should be a different style or color. To play the game, divide the party area in half using a line of masking tape. Place three beach balls on each side of the line. Tell the little ones that they need to make sure their balls are tossed to the other side. Start the game and have the adults help the little ones tap the balls to the other side of the line. Everyone will have a great time. The kids will be having a blast trying to make the balls go on the other side and the adults will be giggling watching all the action. See which side ends up with the least amount of beach balls at the end of the game.

SIDEWALK CHALK COLORING – Young kids love colors, so take a break from some of the other 1st birthday party games for some sidewalk chalk coloring. Set out sidewalk chalk in different colors and make sure you have a nice large sidewalk area so each child has some room to draw. With the help of adults, let them enjoy making colorful designs on the sidewalk. You could snap pictures of each child with their sidewalk chalk art and then you could send the pictures to parents when you send out your party thank you notes.

BABY BOTTLE BOWLING GAME – Another fun idea for 1st birthday party games is to set up a baby bottle bowling game. You’ll need five plastic baby bottles as well as a soft ball that is heavy enough to knock the bottles over. To keep bottles from falling over too easily, fill them 1/3 to ½ full with some water. Then, set up the five bottles up a few inches away from a wall. Give each little one a chance to roll the ball towards the bottles, seeing how many they can bowl over. The one to knock the most baby bottles over gets a fun prize.

1st Birthday Party Games

BABY BUBBLE BLOW ALONG CONTEST – No doubt, bubbles will keep your young party guests entertained. This fun game uses bubbles but it has a unique spin. Let the kids have fun blowing bubbles, but once they blow a bubble, have them blow on the bubbles to keep them in the air and moving along so they don’t come down and pop. See who can keep their bubble in the air the longest. The adults may have to demonstrate the game so the little ones understand how to blow on the bubble to keep it in the air.

FUN COLORED BUBBLE ART – Another fun idea for bubbles is to create fun colored bubble art. Before the game, create several bottles of colored bubbles by adding a tiny amount of some food coloring to different bottles of bubbles. Choose primary colors like blue, red and green. Take the kids outside for this game so colored bubbles don’t make a mess of your house. Give kids a piece of poster board and have them begin blowing colored bubbles at the poster board, making the bubbles pop on the poster board. It will create pretty colors all over the poster board and kids will love seeing the brightly colored bubbles pop and create something pretty. Kids will love taking home their unique piece of colored bubble art at the end of the birthday party. You could also do this on a sidewalk, creating bubble art on a sidewalk.

FOLLOW THE LEADER – Follow the leader is really a simple game and an old favorite that is still loved by little ones today. Kids love to imitate other people, so they are sure to enjoy playing this game. Have someone be the leader of the game. Then, you can encourage the kids to follow the actions of the leader. For example, the leader could pat their head and adults can help encourage kids to pat their head just like the leader. Just make sure you choose simple tasks that the young guests can follow, since they may not be able to do complicated actions at their age.

1st Birthday Party Games

BABY OBSTACLE COURSE - Create an age-appropriate obstacle course of pillows and cardboard box tunnels. Have an older child serve as the leader so they can show all of the little ones how to climb over and through the course.

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BALL PIT - Make a ball pit with a blow-up pool filled with plastic balls and let the little ones freely play inside the pool. To avoid a "fall" on a hard surface, it is best to put the pool on grass or carpet rather than cement.

BEAN BAG TOSS - Line up 4 or 5 colorful baskets or plastic pails and secure them to a board so they won't fall over. Have the little ones try to throw colorful bean bags into the containers.

DANCING - One year olds love to dance, move, and have fun with music. Just put some music on and let them freely dance.

1st Birthday Party Games

HOKEY POKEY – Use a parent or teen as the leader for this game and have the kids all stand in a circle. Then, the game leader sings the Hokey Pokey song and makes all the movements of the song. All the young children should try to imitate the movements for the song. You may want to have parents step in to help their children perform the movements of the song. Be sure to have a camera on hand – this is sure to be cute!

Giraffe Baby Mat

MUSICAL ANIMALS - Play some music and when it stops, have the toddlers move around the room acting like one specific animal with sounds and movement. The adults can help by demonstrating the sounds and movements for them.

PARADE TIME - Have the little ones put on a birthday parade for the parents. Give them each little musical instruments like horns, shakers, bells, cymbals, chimes, cowbells, drums, tambourines, etc. Line them up and have them follow the leader (parent or older child) through the house or yard, while they are banging, ah rather "playing" their instruments. Be sure to give them opportunities to exchange their instruments with one another so they each have an opportunity to try out different instruments. If you want to do it up right, have them all dress up as their favorite cartoon character.

PUZZLES - Have little ones put together age-appropriate chunky puzzles with various themes like farm animals, fish bowl, construction, dinosaurs, jungle animals, house pets, shapes, cars, etc. You can pair up an older child or parent with each baby to help and encourage completion.

1st Birthday Party Games

RING AROUND THE ROSEY – Gather all your little party babies into a circle shape. Have them all hold hands and then start walking in a circle form while singing the old Ring Around the Rosey Song.

The last line can easily be changed to make this game more fun too. Instead of saying “we all fall down,” you can use the following ideas to end the song.

We all bow down! We all sit down! We all kneel down! We all stoop down!
We all squat down!

TREASURE HUNT - Hide extra-large plastic Easter eggs around party room or outside and have the little ones find them.


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First of all, be sure to get your ducks in a row and have plenty of teen or adult helpers at the party to assist you with game time and keeping track of all the little tots running around. Then all you need to do as you decide which games you want to play with your 1-year-old tykes, to keep them simple, easy to play, entertaining, and if you can weave a bit of the party theme into them, that's great but not necessary. After all, they won't know any different. Also, be sure to include lots of opportunities for all your tots to sport a laugh or two and you are sure to host a great birthday party!

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