1st Birthday Party Games - Jaelyn's 1st Birthday Party

by Juliza & Aaron
(Oak Park Recreational Park)

I'm Ready To Play Some Games & Have Big Time Party Fun!

I'm Ready To Play Some Games & Have Big Time Party Fun!

I had a really great 1st birthday party. My mom invited all my friends over and we played the following really fun party games and activities.

BEAN BAG TOSS – Take a few plastic baskets or pails, carefully attaching them to a large board to keep them from falling or moving. Let kids throw bean bags into those baskets for some fun.

HOKEY POKEY – Start by ensuring you have a leader for this game, such as another parent. The game leader can sing with the kids, showing them the movements to make while singing.

You put your left leg in,
You put your left leg out.
You put your left leg in,
And you shake it all about.
You do the Hokey Pokey and you turn yourself around,
That's what it's all about.

You can repeat the basic song, but have fun changing up the body parts used in the song. Try the right leg, left hand, the head, left arm, left foot, etc.

PUZZLES – Let the kids have fun putting puzzles together. Go for chunky, age-appropriate options with fun themes, such as jungle animals, cars, construction, fish, house pets or farm animals. Make sure every child has someone older to help with the puzzle.

SIMON SAYS - Kids are really becoming more aware of their body around this age, so why not include Simon Says as one of your 1st birthday party games. Have an adult lead the game and have all the children gather together. Then, the leader says, “Simon says touch your nose,” and all the kids have to touch their nose. You can go on to have them touch their feet, hands, tummy and head. Have fun and raise their awareness of their body. Not only will this ramp up the fun, but it is a game sure to have all the kids giggling.

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