1st Birthday Games - Parachute Party Game Ideas

by Ellen Littlefield
(St. George, UT)

Don't Bail, Instead Jump Into Fun!

Don't Bail, Instead Jump Into Fun!

Have the kids sit with their parents in a circle around a colorful parachute. Have all the parents lift the parachute and bring it down so the kids feel the wind in their faces. Then lift the parachute and put it behind, so you're sitting on it and the kids will love looking at the colors.

If the parachute is not too large, have the kids crawl around under the chute while the parents hold it up. You can also play music and hold your kids while you walk the parachute in a circle and wave it around.

Reply: Great Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

A parachute party is such a fun idea and there are so many great 1st birthday games you can use that go along with this adorable theme. One fun idea is to have toy parachutes attached to little men for all the kids at the party. Let the kids enjoy throwing them into the air so they can watch them as they float down.

Another fun idea for 1st birthday games at a parachute party is to place the parachute on the floor. Most parachutes feel silky and slippery. Allow the kids to enjoy crawling and playing on the parachute, feeling the cool material against their skin. Of course, you will want to keep any food or other potentially dirty items off the chute, especially if you are renting it for the party.

If you cannot find a real parachute, why not have fun making one for the party. Head to your local fabric store and find a cheap fabric that feels similar to parachute material. Then simple put it together so it comes out in the shape of a parachute. You could even buy enough material to allow the children to have a small parachute of their own to take home with them. To make it more fun, attach a small army man or other small figure to the little parachute with some string. These make a cute favor that kids can enjoy.

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