1st Birthday Cake

by Thava
(KL, Malaysia)

Celebrate 1st Milestone Birthday With Fun #1 BDay Cake!

Celebrate 1st Milestone Birthday With Fun #1 BDay Cake!

Celebrate 1st Milestone Birthday With Fun #1 BDay Cake!

My friend wanted a cake for her son's birthday. I baked a 12 inch square butter cake. I then cut it out into the shape of a one. The finished product is about 15 inches long.

It's decorated with buttercream icing - even the balloons and clowns.
You can view other cakes that I have baked here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8597862@N05/

Reply: Great Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

This 1st birthday cake is just beautiful, combining simplicity and beauty. With the instructions Thava included, you may want to try baking a similar cake yourself if you are throwing your little one a 1st birthday party. If you decide to use this type of a cake, you can ice it in the same colors that you decide to use for your party décor.

You’ll notice that Thava used bright, primary colors on this cake. If you’re looking for 1st birthday party ideas for decorations, you might want to base your color palette around bright, primary colors, as young children love these colors they tend to draw their attention. At this age, the decorations don’t have to be elaborate; you can simply add streamers and balloons to the party area in the colors you choose for the party.


Looking at this 1st birthday cake, I love the little balloons which gave me a great idea for a fun party game. It can be tough to find 1st birthday party ideas for games, since these little guests are so young. One idea is to just let your little ones enjoy playing with balloons. All you need to do is have some extra balloons available in all different colors and then let the kids enjoy playing with them. They can toss around the balloons and this will keep them occupied for a while, since 1-year-olds tend to be so fascinated with balloons.

You can also get the parents involved. Let parents have some fun tossing the balloons back and forth with their little ones. Just make sure you clear the area of objects that could make the balloons pop, which could frighten the children. Otherwise, everyone is sure to have a blast with this simple little game.

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