1st Birthday Cake

by Serran Arzuman - Butterfly Cookie

Turning 1 Is Fun! Happy B-Day To Me!

Turning 1 Is Fun! Happy B-Day To Me!

This cake was made using the #1 shaped cake pan. It's the perfect cake for a sweet little baby girl's 1st birthday party. You can find more of my cakes at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/butterflycookie/6520201135/in/photostream

Reply: Great Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

When I saw this 1st birthday cake by Serran, I thought it was one of the most adorable cakes I’ve ever seen. This cake is sure to make any little birthday girl happy as she turns 1. The colors used are fabulous; you could actually use those colors to create a beautiful party. A color palette of pink, purple and white would look so cute. Consider decorating with beautiful ribbons, butterflies and flowers in these colors. Crepe paper streamers also in these colors would make great 1st birthday party ideas for decorations.


Of course, you can also create a beautiful 1st birthday cake in the shape of a one using a different color scheme as well. Instead of flowers and butterflies, you could do something more masculine if the party is for a little boy. Something in green and yellow would look great. Bright blue and yellow would also be a lovely, more masculine combination of colors if you want to make a similar cake for a little boy.


If you need some 1st birthday party ideas for fun activities and games for guests of this young age, consider going with a fun butterfly release. Butterflies go wonderfully with the cake and it is easy to order some live butterflies online. Since butterflies generally entrance many young children, this would be a wonderful and unique party add-on. For the party activity, take all the little ones outdoors and with the help of some adults, allow them to carefully let the butterflies go. They will love watching those delicate winged creatures fly towards the sky.

Kids of this age also love coloring, so consider having some nice coloring pages available for the kids. Focus on pages that go with your theme, such as outdoor scenes that include flowers or butterflies in them. Give your young guests some crayons and let them have a blast creating their own little masterpiece.

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